Masculinity vs Femininity

After reading “Reenfleshing the Bright Boys”, my eyes were opened to whole new meaning to masculinity that I had never begun to even think about and how it connects to feminism. The idea of male dominance plays a major role in our society and an even bigger role in why feminism even exists. So what about the males in our society who feel oppressed as well, particularly to the queer/gay community.  Is it fair that we generalize all men as having the greater power when it is not true for all men? I found this point very interesting and controversial, but enjoyed the way it was expressed in the writing.  Another point made, apart from dominance was that male bodies do make a difference to the feminist theory.  Without men we would have an even greater disadvantage which I find to be strikingly true.  To not seem as much like the underdogs, we have to have a few of those in power to side with the feminists in the society.  We, as feminist in this case in order to want equality must accept everyone that comes and wants to become a feminist.  It is not our say whether someone calls themselves one or not.  As mentioned in the reading the concept of “warm bodies” meaning sheer numbers can help any cause become more heard and more recognized.

Grasping the points made about coming together and wanting equality between men and women, the idea of masculinity and femininity arose as well.  In my opinion, a man can be feminine and a woman can be masculine.  The reading states how masculinity in a mans world is something of power when in reality it really shouldn’t be.  Just because a man has feminine qualities does not mean a man is not fit for a job with power, which brings us right back to the main issue in all of this, women are seen as lesser, possessing lesser abilities than men.



4 thoughts on “Masculinity vs Femininity

  1. I find it very unfair that the male sex is always the gender seen as more dominant and masculine. Men are often noted as the gender of the house, and have the responsibility of bringing the paychecks home. They are stereotyped as the stronger gender, they play sports, and don’t cook. Females are the less muscular gender who must maintain and care for a family. I agree with the fact that men can be feminine and a women can be masculine. Sex should not be acquainted with a typical stereotype. I also agree with the fact that because a man has feminine qualities should not mean a man is not fit for a job with power.


  2. Gender inequality exists because we were taught to believe that man are superior to women from our early age. Our society internalized this information and acts according to it both intentionally and unintentionally, repressing women and limiting their role only to ‘caregivers’. I believe that such beliefs are totally absurd and in order to eradicate it from our society, we need to raise our kids on the basis of gender equality in everything. We should stop dividing activities to ‘boys stuff’ and ‘girls stuff’ so our daughters won’t receive this idea of inferiority while looking to their brothers doing things they have been told were only for boys because they require ‘masculinity’ and ‘more strength’.


  3. As children we are taught that men are supposedly superior to women. While this obviously hurts women true creating gender inequality, this ‘masculine’ physic we always hear about also hurt men. Men are taught to be emotionless beings that can never ask for help and are careless and carefree beings. While girls are taught to be submissive, boy are taught to be violent, and both of these teachings hinder their respective parties from creating meaningful relationships with others. Despite our present day society making countless strides towards gender equality, there needs to be equality across the board for both men and for women, destroying the multitude of stereotypes that exist.


  4. I agree with how the fact that men are seen as a dominant figure is not necessarily true. We are pretty much raised into thinking that men are powerful and emotionless human beings, when in reality, there are men being oppressed out there due to their gender preference, sexuality…etc. Whether it may be hard for some of us to believe or not, there are men out there who are sensitive, and own every right to express their emotions. It’s crazy because as soon as a man sheds one tear, he’s automatically seen/referred to as a girl for being soft, which I believe is so stupid. This concept that men should be seen as masculine and superior to women is absurd. To the person above me, I completely agree with how there needs to be equality across the board for both men and women, and destroy all the stereotypes that exist.


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