Blog Posting Information


The blog is a space for you to think through the ideas raised in class discussions, readings, and larger writing assignments. Blog posts are meant to be an informal way to discuss ideas with the whole class, so it is encouraged for you to post ideas rather than fully constructed arguments.

 Process and Format:

On the days marked, you will be required to write about 250-400 words about the specified topic.  Tag your posts with the main ideas you include in your post and the theme of the current class post. These posts and comments are informal in tone and can be used as a place to explore your ideas, and you should feel free to use graphics, pictures, gifs, etc. if they help you communicate. However, you should make sure to write in a way that is easily understood (full sentences in paragraphs or phrases in bullet points) and you fully answer the question or discuss the topic posed. Blog posts are due Fridays at 11pm (the schedule is on Canvas).


On the blog assignment days you don’t have a post due, you will instead post comments on two different posts written by those blogging this week. Your comments will range from about 100-300 words and should connect your classmate’s ideas with your own thoughts and opinions or ideas we read about or thought through in class. Be sure to reference our conversations and readings directly, but also include your own interpretations, experiences, and understandings in your responses as well. Find ways to build connections between your classmates’ work and your own thoughts. Comments are due Monday at 5pm, the Monday after the blog posts were completed.