Bad, like bad? Or Bad, like good?

One of my biggest take-away’s from this week was from Roxane Gay.  Roxane focused on what being a “bad feminist” meant.  Roxane struck a cord with me because I have always been nervous to label myself as a feminist in social settings because of the different negative connotations that seemed to go along with it. Aside from the judgment of others (which I worry about less the older I get) I also feared that I would be “doing feminism wrong”.  Feminism to me means equality to ALL, not just privileged white women.  I often see posts of people labeling themselves feminist with viewpoints that I don’t necessarily agree with and I wouldn’t necessarily want to be associated with, but if everyone is free to have their own definition of this word, how are we able to agree on our values and what we want the outcomes to be?  For some the outcomes could stop at wage equality, but for me there is a lot more work to be done in our culture than that.


Although I am still a little shaky on the details of what role feminism ultimately plays in our culture as a whole, this video helped me realize that I should not be ashamed to call myself a feminist ever, as long as I am standing for what I believe in.  Roxane has also made me realize that what you believe in and your actions should align, and this is something I am still working on.  Everyday I attempt to make small changes to align my actions with my values, whether it be to eat at places that have the same values, or something as simple as asking someone their preferred pronouns when meeting them.  I will definitely be looking into reading Roxane’s book and becoming more enlightened by her viewpoint.