Global Homophobia

After talking a lot in class about national and worldwide issues involving other countries law and regulations towards the LGBTQ community it really opened up a whole other side of things I usually don’t think about.  I am so focused on what is going on in our country right now regarding LGBTQ and politics that I don’t even think about what it is like in other countries.   We talked specifically about Russia and my jaw dropped in shock of how liberal things are over there.  The clip today bout their fear of gender “abnormalities” and fear of LGBTQ really showed me how stuck in the past some of these countries are.  It is time to move forward with new and different views on the world, having those views being more accepting.  Equality is not a new concept for my generation and it blows my mind that due to religion and other groups in society, some things just seem like they will never change. I read an article about Chechnya, to explore more about the topics we covered in class.  There is a movement to evacuate those who are gay and are in fear of their lives, but this movement is being produces by a very small support group for LGBTQ which typically has to stay under the radar to avoid getting killed or prosecuted. The article states that they have helped and supported 30 survivors so far. This is a small number compared to how many people most likely need their help.  The torture done to these individuals is now being called the “Chechen Purge” which I cannot believe is still happening in this day in age.  It is a difficult situation because I think it is hard to get people into the country and help them, because who is going to listen to a bunch of Americans telling them how to run their country? I hope that issues like this can be solved through education of what someone who is gay really goes through and that it is not a choice for them.  I think those in Russia clearly do not understand the reality of what LGBTQ is.  This probably relates back to the fact that their leader is a white, straight male and the thoughts and personal opinions of his obviously translate into the regulations and movements that go on in the country.


Here is the link made by the small activist group for aiding LGBTQ in Russia:

“News Update: Persecution of LGBT people in Chechnya, April 17.” News Update: Persecution of LGBT people in Chechnya, April 17 | Российская ЛГБТ-сеть. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 May 2017.


The Irony of the Beast

This week in class we talked a lot about the Disney children’s movie Beauty and the Beast.  It was recently re-made, which I have yet to see, but many of the concepts from the original seem to be the same in the re-make.  I have never questioned the things such as how discourse analysis can be used to look deeper into the film or text because back when I had watched it originally.  I was just a kid and it seemed like a regular fairy tail to me, but being older now and being in this class creates a deeper meaning or sheds some light on the irony for certain things.  For starters this concept of Bell falling in love with a beast.  The pure irony that the Beast isn’t actually a beast in the end kills me, but of course we expect a beautiful young woman like Bell to be with someone as equally as handsome as herself.  I see this connecting with our society and how we expect things to work, having relationships be based upon superficial things such as appearance.  The whole concept of Tinder is based upon the way one looks and the way they appear over social media.  When Bell connects with the beast on an emotional and personal level, forgetting about all the superficial stuff that we usually take into account almost subconsciously , it shares a message for kids and adults that ones appearance may not reflect on who they are.  Then once this message has been shared they tear it apart and make him physically attractive too.

Our society revolves around how we present our selves and is constantly focusing the attention on the “beautiful” people.  We also touched upon the idea of gender preformativity which is not in our societies realm of general and natural beauty.  This automatically creates stereotypes and social constructs based on appearance.   To wrap up my thoughts, there are many ideas such as this in other children’s movies that can be changed and adapted to send a new message of true internal beauty.

Masculinity vs Femininity

After reading “Reenfleshing the Bright Boys”, my eyes were opened to whole new meaning to masculinity that I had never begun to even think about and how it connects to feminism. The idea of male dominance plays a major role in our society and an even bigger role in why feminism even exists. So what about the males in our society who feel oppressed as well, particularly to the queer/gay community.  Is it fair that we generalize all men as having the greater power when it is not true for all men? I found this point very interesting and controversial, but enjoyed the way it was expressed in the writing.  Another point made, apart from dominance was that male bodies do make a difference to the feminist theory.  Without men we would have an even greater disadvantage which I find to be strikingly true.  To not seem as much like the underdogs, we have to have a few of those in power to side with the feminists in the society.  We, as feminist in this case in order to want equality must accept everyone that comes and wants to become a feminist.  It is not our say whether someone calls themselves one or not.  As mentioned in the reading the concept of “warm bodies” meaning sheer numbers can help any cause become more heard and more recognized.

Grasping the points made about coming together and wanting equality between men and women, the idea of masculinity and femininity arose as well.  In my opinion, a man can be feminine and a woman can be masculine.  The reading states how masculinity in a mans world is something of power when in reality it really shouldn’t be.  Just because a man has feminine qualities does not mean a man is not fit for a job with power, which brings us right back to the main issue in all of this, women are seen as lesser, possessing lesser abilities than men.