Readings for Friday, May 12

For Friday’s class, please look into:

This Guardian write-up about being LGBTQ+ in other countries (this is a few years old, but still interesting).

Also, take a look at this map about gay rights around the world. 

This analysis of media representations of queer characters/ identities

We’re talking about representations of non-normative identities and other countries’ perceptions of LBGTQ+ individuals on Friday, so take a look to see if you have anything you want to discuss that relates to these topics, such as specific examples of representations (or anything else on a topic you’d like to bring up in class).


Readings for Wednesday, May 10

For Wednesday’s class, please take a look at:

This article about Gavin Grimm

This write-up of the new “religious freedom” law

Also, take a look at the advice columns in Everyone is Gay and Ask a Queer Chick.

Come to class with some ideas about current events impacting the LGBTQ+ community and everyday life in the LGBTQ+ community.

Prompt for Group 2 post due Friday, March 17

For the blog post due this week, use this space to think about the readings we have done so far– all the readings in this class from day 1 to now. Use your blog post to think about which reading connected most with you and why. Draw from class conversations, recent current events, personal events, etc. to discuss which reading either made you think about something differently, connected with you personally, or helped you think through a concept. Be sure to only pick one, even if you have several in mind, and define why it is that the one you chose stands out to you.

In the comments, groups 1 and 3 should find either posts that talk about a reading they also connected with, or posts that talk about a reading that they didn’t find as useful. For the former, draw connections between the post’s author’s experiences and your own, and for the latter, try to think through the differences between the author’s interpretation and your own.

Homework for Friday, February 24th

While you were supposed to have homework posted here for you to read or view for Friday, we’re going spend Friday getting more familiar with the work of Forbes and Noble from Transfeminist Perspectives. Because you don’t have an official homework assignment, please come in ready to ask questions about the readings, or find something recent and relevant that we can connect to the readings.

Remember that Group 3 has a blog post due Friday at 11pm and Groups 1&2 are commenting by 5pm Monday, February 27th.

First Blog Posting Assignment Prompt

For the first blog post due Friday, February 10th at 11pm, Group 1 writers will compose a post that compares and contrasts two articles from two separate sites that make up the homework due Friday (links in the previous post).

Pick two websites (for example, Autostraddle and The Establishment) and choose a post/ essay/ article published on each. It can be any article you find and want to talk about. After reading the two articles, spend some time writing about these articles and how they represent the information/ ideas they include and the site as a whole. What similarities are there in content, style, author background, formatting, or anything else that looks relevant? Where do they differ? Why do you think they differ? Which do you like better? Why? Who do you think is the best audience for each post, and do they overlap at all? Spend some time thinking about these questions and write your answers in 250-400 words. Keep in mind that your post can be informal, but make sure you address two specific articles and discuss both.

Groups 2 and 3 will then comment on 2 posts written by Group 1 members. Use their analysis as a jumping off point to discuss your ideas about these websites, or bring up another article published by a site, or (respectfully, of course) disagree with your classmate’s conclusions and offer another take. Comments are due Monday, February 13th at 5pm.

Reading due for class February 10

Click through these websites, all that market toward women with feminist identities:


The Toast

The Hairpin

The Establishment


Bitch Media

The Mary Sue

Each website has a different audience and perspective, and you will probably like some of these over others. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with their content and the way they market themselves, and then come to class ready to discuss how we identify feminists, how feminists identify themselves, and how feminism interacts with other identities.

Welcome to our course blog!

Hello and welcome to the course website for WOMS/ SGST 200, Introduction to Sexualities and Gender Studies! We’ll be using this site to post informally about our course as well as to comment on each others’ ideas and contributions. Please feel free to get creative on our blog– use images, write bulleted lists, use gifs, use tags, write descriptive titles, and do whatever else you want (within reason) to make your posts your own.

You will also find here important information about our course. The Canvas site is still your go-to for the syllabus, materials I post, turning in your assignments, and grades. Here on WordPress, we have our course description and blogging assignment, and of course our class community.

Happy blogging!