Internet Advice Columns Aren’t All That Bad?

After reading the links to the advice columns for LGBTQ people and families I was really pleased to see that not all advice columns are bad. Usually when reading advice columns…well I don’t, because usually there just that bad, sex advice always is about hetero relationships, or they tell you never to double text your crush etc. Reading the LGBTQ advice columns were also really enlightening to see the daily struggles and thing that affect these people that I wouldn’t necessarily have thought about. Around this time a lot of people see to be asking questions on how to cope with the elections outcome and still feel excepted in todays society. Also the intersectionality that was present was really a great thing to see, muslim queer people especially were interesting to hear from since i have no real connection to either. I feel bad though that these people have to go onto the internet for some type of connection or answers I feel like they must be longing for acceptance when they shouldn’t have to 😦

Reading Bodies

In class we talked about Homographesis or “reading queerly.” I found this new term intriguing because it was something I had never heard before and I really liked the break down of each word. I also found it interesting when we talked about ways we read bodies. It’s something you can’t help doing, is ingrained in our DNA or something like that so we can find healthy good people to mate with or be around. I think its pretty neat how an instinct so primal has transformed. An example is: the way we dress turns into a status symbols, higher status means more wealth, a.k.a. more health benefits. So it also has to do a lot with the social climate of the area you’re located and cultural differences that make either who you are “normal” or “threatening.” Individuality and a persons identity also have a big part to play in this. Reading bodies is somewhere between a blessing and a curse to human kind. Just think of how much people would be judged more on character and not the color of their skin, or for wearing “different” clothes, or their illnesses. However, the instinct does help us distinguish a threat/foe from friend or sickness/sense danger, losing judgment in that way could become negative in tight situations. Anyway I don’t know if any of what I’m “putting down” makes any sense right now but please comment if you actually know the scientific reason for all this,  unlike me, or anything else that you’d like say.

Relating “Transfeminist Perspectives” To My YouTube Addiction

Reading the, “Transfemeinist Perspective,” pieces and discussing them in class, really got me thinking and trying to relate my experiences to what they were saying. Especially, “Do These Earrings Make Me look Dumb?” by Kate Forbes made me think and question: Who can/is allowed to speak and be seen as knowledgeable when it comes to feminism and trans women. I immediately began to think of the mainstream trans leaders and role models of the ever-growing Youtube community, Gigi Gorgeous , Princess Joules,and Angela Vanity, Chloe Arden. All of these trans women have thousands of followers (some even millions) and even though they are just “YouTube Famous” they are still making headlines, being role models, and making money by documenting their transformations and updating their audiences.

So my question is: Is this a way to get to large audiences modern-day and “around the academy?” I see that the Transfeminist perspectives was published in 2012, so I’m not sure if youtube was as big of a platform back then for the trans community. I know Forbes point was diversifying the academy and being allowed to speak on behalf of her experiences not degree but I think forget the academy! I think we were talking in class about how we can’t positively change things and do better without changing the ways the system works already and finding new ways. So I think we should stop trying to find validation in life from others, go your own way! Change the rules, and use other platforms to voice your opinions.

Also back to the topic of trans women on YouTube… Do people think it is okay to be profiting off of transitioning publicly? I love Gigi, but alot of my gay or trans friends seem to think shes all for show and in  it for the money and not really doing or showing support to the entire community. I see that the most popular Trans women on YouTube are white and seem to be more privileged… is there a need for more diversity in the trans YouTube community as well? Please let me know your thoughts.