Since when is sodomy a bad thing?

During class this week, we talked about Goldberg’s reading and how sodomy is associated with homosexuality. I see how it may be associated with homosexuals because it is a non-repoductive act, but in no way shape or form does it mean it excludes heterosexuals as well. Sodomy is made out to be this horrific action that only same sex relationships participate in. By definition, sodomy is “sexual intercourse involving anal or oral copulation.” Just by reading this definition I do not seem to understand why society makes it out to be such a “bad” thing to do. I mean if you really think about it, mostly everyone joins in on some version of sodomy in their partner relationships, whether same sex or not, at one point or another. Oral/anal sexual intercourse should not be looked at as a corrupt action… it is simply a part of sexual intercourse as a whole.  Just because sodomy does not result in actual reproduction does not mean it should be automatically connected to homosexuality. Chances are heterosexuals are participating in sodomy just as much as homosexuals are. Once again, we see society falling into the binary norms and judging homosexuals for joining in sodomy. It is safe to say that basically everyone has or had oral/anal sex at least once in their life. For some it may not be their “cup of tea”, but for the most part, everyone around us has taken a part in some sort of sodomy as much as the next person does.


Stereotyping Masculinity

During this week, we talked about masculinity and how it is typically seen by society. People often stereotype masculinity by how strong of a man someone is, how many sports they play, how often they go to the gym, etc. People think that the more “manly” things someone does, the more of a man they really are. We see men as “the protectors” of this world. We go to them to help kill a spider, walk us to our car late at night, and do yard work for us. Because of these stereotypes, women often are penalized, or held back, for not being manly. For example, me and my brother are the same age, and we both wanted to ride our bikes around the neighborhood, however, I wasn’t allowed because my parents did not want anything bad to happen to me and thought I would not be able to defend myself. My brother no the other hand was allowed to because he was a boy and they thought he would be able to handle himself if they needed him too. Although sometimes it might be true, society shouldn’t stereotype men for how “manly” they are. If a man is afraid of spiders, isn’t very strong, etc., we look at them like they are less of a man. We shouldn’t judge people on stereotypes. People shouldn’t be judged solely on their gender.


I decided to read articles from The Hairpin and Bitch Media. The article I picked from The Hairpin was called “How to Survive a 10-Hour Flight like a Lady.” In this article, the author gives tips and tricks to surviving a long plane flight that she follows by when she travels on long distance flights. I enjoyed reading this article not only because I gained tips out of it, but also because it was funny and light-hearted. The author took a more relaxed approach when writing this article, which made it easier to read and made me actually want to keep reading to hear what the author had to say. I feel as though this article is definitely age appropriate with college students constantly traveling home or study abroad nowadays.

The second article I read was from Bitch Media and was called “Musicians ❤ Planned Parenthood.” This article was about how famous musicians donate/ stood up for the organization Planned Parenthood. I liked this article because, similar to the other article, it was relaxed and easy to read. It also is age appropriate because many teenagers nowadays have to deal with the consequence of PP maybe shutting down. The difference between the two articles was that the first article from The Hairpin, was more of a helping hand article where there’s some comedic writing, but still get’s the point across. The second article from Bitch Media, was more politic directed talking about the shutting down of PP and all those who have been contributing. Overall, both articles were enjoyable to read.