Good Signs

With what happened this week during UD Day I wanted to talk about the protesters and the protests to the protesters. I know we talked in class about this topic but I wanted to voice my opinion here. Someone in class mentioned the signs that people made. Many of the signs were in support of the minorities and groups that the protestors were shaming. A lot of them said that UD accepts everyone. Some of the signs were jokes however. The one that mentioned Finding Dory and Finding Nemo stuck out to me. I know in class that sign was said to have connected everyone being great even if they are different but I thought it was not. I saw it as a guy who wanted to stick out in the crowd by making a sign for something completely irrelevant. Although it did bring a little bit of comedic relief I also found it annoying. I feel like if you are going to make a funny sign at least refer it back to why everyone is gathered. There are plenty of jokes that he could have made to stick out instead of talking about movies that has nothing to do with the protesters. I know that he was probably just trying to be funny with his friends and I know that it was just a small tiff on campus but for some reason it did not sit right with me that some people were taking that situation as a joke. These groups are constantly discriminated against and the fact that so many people rallied together to protect them and support them made my heart swell. When I saw the joke signs however I kind of get a little bit disappointed.


Credentials Vs. Experience

The reading that I connected with the most from our class so far has to be “Do These Earrings Make Me Look Dumb” by Forbes. More specifically I really connected with the part where Forbes was talking about needing proper credentials and the professional training that some people have that others don’t have access to. Even though Forbes may not be an expert some experts who do have the credentials value her perspective because of her experience. I connect with this the most out of all the readings we have done because I remember that during freshman year a girl who lived on my floor tried to talk to me about her opinions on same sex marriage and how she, a political science major, knows about the struggle it was for the LGBTQ+ community to gain the same rights that heterosexual people have and how happy she is that people like me are finally “equal”. I personally felt like she had no idea what it was like for me. She had the right to marry whoever she wanted and that right for her has never been in jeopardy. I felt like she really had no way of knowing what it was like for someone in the community to go through that but she felt like she could completely understand because she’s “learned about what it takes for a law to get passed” and she, “knows that it can be a real struggle sometimes”. I will admit that she knows a lot more about laws and what it takes to get them passed and how long it takes but I felt that she really could not have known what it was like to be someone who that specific law was applying to. I feel like Forbes’ “Do These Earrings Make Me Look Dumb” stated most accurately how I felt about not having the correct credentials but having the experience that outweighs the credentials.

“Bad” and “good” Feminism

Today we were discussing Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj and how they both define as feminists but have qualities that may not be considered feminist by most people.

Taylor has said that she defines herself as a feminist and even has songs that promote women so people could argue that she is a good feminist. The only problem is that she isn’t as active as most people would like. In class we talked about how she was not present at the Women’s March in Washington but many other women were. Most people ceiticized her because they say that if she was a “good feminist” she should have gone out in public with everyone else marching. In Taylor’s song “Bad Blood” she has a lot t of strong women starring in the video with her. I know that this song was an “anthem” of some sorts to people. Whenever it came on the radio women would get pumped up because of all the strong women in the video. The only problem is an issue that we also brought up in class today. Most of the women in the video were tall, model status, women who don’t represent a lot of the women in the world. Obviously Taylor can not represent every single woman in the world but a little more diversity could have made it more of an inclusive video for all women.

I don’t listen to Nicki that much but I do know that she defines as a feminist. I don’t dislike Nicki I just don’t like her music as much as other artists. When we were talking in class about how Nicki did not reach out to Orlando I had no idea and I lost a little bit of respect for her. As mentioned in one of my comments for last weeks blog posts I am a queer woman so Nicki not supporting the LGBTQ+ community does rub me the wrong way.

Taylor and Nicki can define as feminists and we can’t do anything about that. They can define however they like. The fact that they can both be controversial while trying to be feminists starts good discussions about whether or not they actually are “good feminists” or if they are “bad feminists”.