Sexual Orientation Laws in Russia

It’s kind of no surprise to me that Russia does not promote the LGBTQ community and they have laws limiting freedom of expression. When I think of Russia, I always think of a rigid community that doesn’t accept anything that’s not considered “normal”. But like we’ve said in this class, there’s no clear definition “normal”. I’m not really sure what Russia does and does not like overall. I’m sure it’s ok for the women there to dress in a tomboyish fashion but when the opposite occurs, I guess all hell is going to break loose. I know the US sometimes has some backwards opinions but they seem much farther behind us when it comes to acceptance. It was also sad to see the firsthand account from the drag queen from the RuPaul’s drag race video that we watched in class. It was heartbreaking to see what the one drag queen had to go through just because the way he was dressed didn’t match up with the typical male outfits in Russia. Then to hear that the other contestant who lived there for a couple years had to censor or hold back everything he did or said. It kind of reminds me of this other thing that I saw regarding one of my favorite youtubers went through. Her name is Gigi Gorgeous and she’s a transgender woman. She was completely humiliated in a Dubai airport  for just the same reasons. She made a whole video about it where she talks about her experience and just sounds like she was so scared because she had no clue what was going to happen to her and no one would give her any information. When she finally got to catch up with the group she was with, she was so overwhelmed to realize that she was going to be ok. This is no way to treat human beings. I mean I understand not everywhere is equal on the laws for the LGBTQ but we’re all still people. I just don’t get why people tend to treat the others that are “different” than what they are used to, then they are treated as if they aren’t real living human beings. The end result of these people getting detained at airports always ends badly and needs to stop. Or there’s got to be a better way to go about it.


2 thoughts on “Sexual Orientation Laws in Russia

  1. I mostly agree with your assessment of the state of anti-LGBT prejudice in Russia, but I’d like to add a little more context. First, while people who don’t conform to the gender assigned to them at birth clearly face undue discrimination in foreign countries, it’s important to note that the airport detention issue is unfortunately not just a problem in places like Russia and Dubai, but also right here in the United States. Second, a large part of the rigid traditionalism evident in modern Russian culture stems from the fact that, after the fall of the Soviet Union, capitalist “shock therapy” reforms resulted in massive decreases in quality of life and life expectancy for the average Russian, causing many to turn back to traditional institutions such as the Russian Orthodox Church that had been banned under the Soviet Union. As in America, higher levels of religiosity and suffering due to poverty tend to correlate with worse attitudes toward groups labeled socially deviant, leading to a lot of the open homo- and transphobia common in Russia today. However, that still doesn’t excuse the discrimination and hate ongoing on in Russia society.


  2. i completely agree. It is unreal to me that while most places have come so far in relation to supporting and accepting LGBTQ+ still others haven’t. my heart broke for Gigi when i heard the story she shared and i couldnt believe what i was hearing. I don’t understand how people can rip someone apart based on how they present and identify themselves. the story she told was an amazing and moving story and definitely lit a fire under my butt to be even more supporting of the LGBTQ+ community even when others aren’t


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