Internet Advice Columns Aren’t All That Bad?

After reading the links to the advice columns for LGBTQ people and families I was really pleased to see that not all advice columns are bad. Usually when reading advice columns…well I don’t, because usually there just that bad, sex advice always is about hetero relationships, or they tell you never to double text your crush etc. Reading the LGBTQ advice columns were also really enlightening to see the daily struggles and thing that affect these people that I wouldn’t necessarily have thought about. Around this time a lot of people see to be asking questions on how to cope with the elections outcome and still feel excepted in todays society. Also the intersectionality that was present was really a great thing to see, muslim queer people especially were interesting to hear from since i have no real connection to either. I feel bad though that these people have to go onto the internet for some type of connection or answers I feel like they must be longing for acceptance when they shouldn’t have to 😦


4 thoughts on “Internet Advice Columns Aren’t All That Bad?

  1. I love seeing that there are more than just hetero sections in comment/advice sections. I feel as though this is definitely a step in the right direction. This makes people in the LGBTQ+ community feel more accepted rather than pushed away, like they felt during the elections. Although what’s done is done with the election, making everyone feel equal should be a top priority in our nation. I think that with the advice columns being more open makes people comfortable to be open with themselves.


  2. I completely agree with everything that you both mentioned. When I am on websites, I also disregard any advice columns just because they are normally useless. I also think that this advice column is a great leap in helping people feel more included and somewhat a little more comfortable in the country they are a part of and live in, especially after the election. It is such a great feeling to have support and the feeling that so many people are with you, and I think that the LGBTQ+ column really does help with that. I also wish that the internet wasn’t the only place where they could find support.


  3. I rarely ever catch myself reading an advice column, idk some websites have like a specific titles for them, and I’ll just think to myself like that title is so stupid, or so corny haha. But I do agree with the internet being used as a powerful platform to communicate and connect with people who know what you’re going through. It does suck that people often refer back to the internet because they’re afraid to expose who they are, and it’s done more anonymously but I do think it’s awesome that there are advice columns opened to the people in the LGBTQ community and does a great job with making people feel accepted, or with them feeling like, “no I’m not the only one going through this.”


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