America has some work to do

The reading that I’m choosing to write a blog post about this week is the assigned reading “What’s it Like Being LGBT around the World?”. This article caught my attention because I was curious to see how people who identify as LGBTQ+ live their lives freely in other countries. Although Americans are becoming more accepting and making laws and rules to accommodate all sexualities, there are still people in our country that are against the LGBTQ+ community. I was wondering if it were different for people in foreign countries, if LGBTQ+ communities are able to express themselves more openly without scrutiny. What I liked about this article was that it was real stories from real people all over the world. Not surprisingly, which kind of disappointed me, other countries are pretty similar to America when it comes to the acceptance and law enforcement regarding the LGBTQ+ community. I was hoping to see a huge acceptance of all genders and sexualities in some particular part of the world, but for the most part there was nothing drastic. Bangladesh is known to have a pretty relaxing view of the LGBTQ+ community, particularly since they are so uptight about heterosexual sex before marriage that they don’t have time to worry about others. Germany is a pretty accepting country as well, but there are still always people against the community who initiate homophobic attacks. The only country that somewhat surprised me (but not really) was Russia. Russians are known for their strict demeanor and lack of PDA, so when I read that people in Russia are afraid to come out, I wasn’t too shocked. The writer stated that the only solution to this problem was to stay quiet. Hide your sexuality from others, and you’ll be fine. So all in all, other countries are pretty much in line with America when it comes to the acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community and the changes we are making to include all genders and sexualities, except Russia. Russia is a little behind. Honestly, America should step it up, we like to be the best at everything so why not get ahead on the inclusion of all identities?


2 thoughts on “America has some work to do

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog post this week because I am also curious about other countries views on the LGBTQ+ community. I feel as though it is important to learn about other countries views’, along with our own personal views, because although we may feel as though the LGBTQ+ community doesn’t get the respect they deserve here in America we can compare and contrast to other countries. Like you said Russia basically has to hide their identities if they don’t follow in the binary sexualities. I feel as though people in America are lucky to not have to hide their true selves. Don’t get me wrong there is still progress to be made dealing with the acceptance and support of LGBTQ+ community; however, I am happy to know that those who live in America still have the right to freely and openly express their sexualities without fearing for it being illegal.


  2. I completely agree with you, especially your conclusion statement. America does like to be the best and is someway expected to try to be the best at everything. So, we do need to step it up and start thinking about America’s LGBTQ community. Even if no other country is doing this we need to so that we can be better. America needs to start being accepting of everyone. Even if someone disagrees with the idea of being gay, they still need to learn to accept it and respect that they cannot change that person because that is just who they are. It is sad to see that around the world there has not really been a country to really make a difference and shine a light on the LGBTQ community. I am hoping that one country will step up so that other countries will see this and follow in their footsteps.


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