Religious freedom for all?

I do not keep up with politics as much as I should so when the “Religious Liberty” Executive Order was brought to my attention, I was shocked.  Partially because this would allow even more discrimination than there already is in this country and the fact that Thomas Jefferson said in 1802 that there should be a separation from church and state in our Constitution and that the issue still arises over 200 years later is whacked.  Come on United States!  Moving forward should not mean going two steps back.  As much as this order would give white Christians an advantage (even though they are more privileged already than the majority in this country), calling the executive order “Religious Liberty” is very narrow minded and hypocritical.  Promoting a religious liberty while banning and discriminating muslims and other groups of people, is not very encompassing of all religions.  It should be called Christian Liberty Executive Order.      Not to mention, that Trump had to dial back the EO because of homophobic wording, is horrific.  If you had to dial back because you slipped in some LGBTQ+ discrimination, well guess what? Just from that we already know your intentions of the EO so you might as well scrap the damn thing.  Allowing hate back into the lives of others because of some health care bans is some bull and you can only justify your actions with your religious beliefs so far until shit hits the fan.


One thought on “Religious freedom for all?

  1. I’m a little confused. Are you talking about “Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty”? This Executive Order was mostly telling the IRS not to enforce the Johnson Amendment. This amendment states that if an non-profit (read churches here) tell it’s people to vote for a specific candidate then it would lose its tax exemption status. The organizations could still say to ‘vote for family values’ (read against same sex marriage). This was hardly enforced before the order though as evangelicals largely voted for Trump. This Executive Order was more symbolic than anything else. This version of the bill does not allow groups to discriminate against LGBTQ people. I know this isn’t great because earlier drafts did, but I hope that that helps to ease your mind.


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