I <3 UD Day

In class we have talked about religious discrimination against the LGBTQ community and how the religion and sexuality do not have to be mutually exclusive. I never understood the religious arguments against the LGBTQ community. To me God loves all his children and Jesus took in the rejects of society, so why would God hate the gays? It’s antithetical Today we saw this hate speech come to our campus yet again, and yet again I was overwhelmed by the response our campus had. There were counter protesters surrounding these hateful signs with signs of acceptance and love for all blue hens. Students were drowning out the speech with chants and screams. They handled themselves with profound maturity and I couldn’t be more proud that our campus consistently responds in this way. Gaga Manifesto called for more extreme measures to be taken to right the wrongs of our systems, but the acts of the counter protesters showed that even small actions are important. We will never be able to convince these people that ‘gay is ok’ simply because they will never listen, but we can protect other students from having to hear these words and feel the impact of the hatred from these few.


2 thoughts on “I <3 UD Day

  1. I agree with all of your ideas shared in this blog post. I was really excited for UD Day, a celebration for the end of the year and a way to relieve some stress due to finals. They had fun activities planned, great food to eat, and a lot of things to keep you preoccupied. When I saw the protestors I was initially shocked, because out of all days to protest you pick a day that is supposed to be fun and celebratory? I knew there was going to be backlash from the protest because our UD community for the most part is accepting of all types of people. I just cannot believe that that kind of hate would appear on our campus in such a blatant and obvious way. I am so glad that students and people of the community protested against the initial protestors. It shows how strong of a community UD really is and that no one is going to let that happen on our campus. I heard a chant that screamed “Everyone is welcome here, no hate, no fear” and it just really felt good to hear those positive vibes coming from the students of our community in the midst of the hateful protestors.


  2. I liked reading your blog post about the anti-gay protest that was going on at UD. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to witness the demeaning protest that had been going on. After talking about it in class though I am happy to hear that UD handled it in a graceful and tasteful way. I applaud those who instead of attacking the anti-gay protestors, they simply started their own protest in favor of LGBTQ+ community. At UD, we try to make sure that everyone feels safe and inclusive and after the response our UD students had towards the anti-gay protest make me feel very inclusive. I was happy to see we didn’t stop down to the protestors’ level by fighting or getting aggressive and that we simply stood up for what UD believes in. Like you said, the little acts of standing up for what you believe in are the acts that are remembered and still have an effect on society.


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