A Guy for Grimm

Though I had heard the name Gavin Grimm before, I never really new the details of the case, nor the plight that this young man has been going through. Firstly, it is amazing to hear that such a young individual has been able to find himself in a world full of hate, stuck to his bearings and has been an advocate even though he never asked for it. If it was up to me, I would never want to be a face of a movement, being compared to Norma McCorvey and Jim Obergefell, its simply amazing that he has been able to stay so optimistic through all of this.

It is still disheartening to hear that this is still an issue though, on both the local and national level. In terms of students, parents and faculty at the school, it just does not make any sense to me why people would feel uncomfortable for someone using the same bathroom as them. Everyone does it and as long as no one poses any real threat to another, I do not see why it really matters which bathroom a person uses.

In terms of the legal issues that have arose, you would think that in this day and age the law would have caught up with the thoughts and feelings of the majority of America. I do not understand how leaders could just so blatantly go against the wishes of the majority and actually believe people will just sit down and take it. I also do not understand why this issue needs to go to the Supreme Court. It is simply enough to allow people to just go to the bathroom wherever they feel most fit and comfortable.

For a lot of current issues that are talked about today, I could go back and forth, playing devil’s advocate and occasionally seeing both sides of an argument. For this however, it just seems as though certain individuals in power are being petty and power hungry and are actively trying to create a divide in America. Through these stressful – to say the least – times, it is remarkable that people like  Gavin Grimm are still fighting for what is right.


One thought on “A Guy for Grimm

  1. Reading about this case shocked me. You hear about controversies like this all the time, but it still saddens me that it is still an issue in our day and age. We have made so much progress as a nation for acceptance to be universal and to allow things like same sex marriage and better treatment of individuals of the LGBTQ community. It is upsetting that bathrooms are still a huge controversy. I do not understand why and I feel bad for Gavin Grimm that he had to be put in such an awful position. People should be entitled to use whichever bathroom they feel best suits their identity. Bathrooms are used to get your business done and quite frankly there is little to no interaction with anyone while using a bathroom. People go in and out and it blows my mind why we can’t just let that happen without starting big social issues. The parents of faculty of the school where this occurred turned this into a much bigger problem then it had to be. They should teach their kids acceptance, especially since the world we live in today is much more accepting then it used to be.


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