Go Grimm, GO!

Reading this article about Gavin Grimm was the first I have heard the details on this case. It makes me so happy and joyous that a brave kid is willing to go through this for justice and equality, but also angers me that it has to get to this point. How horrible is it that he has to be targeted out in his school for using the bathroom and is forced to go to the nurses office or a single stalled bathroom when no one else has to do this. He shouldn’t have to face this and should be allowed to use the bathroom designed for his gender. For those students and parents who felt “uncomfortable”, I can’t seem to find a legitimate reason for someone to feel this extreme from a max. couple minute interaction one may have in the bathroom. Overall, it baffles me how strongly people are against the LGTBQ community, because I cannot seem to understand why people care so much in a negative way about other people. JUST LET PEOPLE LIVE. Regarding this case, no one is saying you have to join Grimm in the stall or change their own bathroom uses. It is one thing if Grimm did not feel comfortable himself and chose to use the single bathroom, but that is not the case.

The highlight of this article was the quote “There has been such social and cultural change in the hearts and minds of people in this country,” she said, “and I think that’s only going to grow, even if there is a legal setback.” If, as a country, we keep changing our own thoughts towards these specific topics and become more accepting, we can eliminate all of these issues that arise. Awareness, I think, is a big way of getting people to accept and grow in a positive direction regarding this community. Grimm got a shout out at the Grammy’s which I can only imagined gained him positive support and awareness. I think that having this acceptances and acknowledgment from celebrities and icons that so many people look up to is a great way to get support. Grimm is a brave and incredible kid to be going through all of this before he even graduates high school. He is a role model and is doing an incredible thing for the transgender community.


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