Singers and Feminism

Ever since Lady Gaga has been in the spotlight she is known to shape her career outside the box. From her creative and unique outfits on both the red carpets and in music videos to her songs expressing positive energy that it’s ok to be different. She is proving to society that there isn’t one set way everyone has to act in order to fit in but rather that she was “born this way”. Gaga even admitted that this song was “inspired by empowering music from the 90’s for women and the gay community.” Halberstam points out that when Gaga performs in her crazy costumes she is opening up a new world for the younger generation. She is paving the way for young children to prove that it’s ok to have your own special twist on anything you want to do. Not only is Gaga inspiring the feminist/LGBT community but also so many other singers are relating their songs to embrace ones inner powerful feminism. Demi Lovato another well-known singer includes her feminist stand in multiple of her songs. Her song “Confident” is all about loving yourself the way you are. I personally think that she’s doing a great job with finding herself and now has a control on her life and owns it. Not only that but like Gaga she also wears what she wants and doesn’t let the negative energy stop her on how she wants to represent herself.


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