Halberstam’s “Gaga Manifesto” Response

I found Jack Halberstam’s “Gaga Manifesto,” extremely interesting. While I am not a huge Lady Gaga fan, I credit for her role in making Millennials much more accepting and less quick to judge.

Over the decades American culture has shifted from being extremely conservative to much more progressive and accepting, and for a few years the majority of people were comfortable believing that now America truly was the land of the free. This idea has been challenged by pop icon, Lady Gaga. By overtly sharing her opinions on women empowerment, LGBTQ rights and sexual fluidity originally she made many people uncomfortable. However, by continuing to be herself and support these issues, despite how others perceived her, she gained a huge following. Gaga purposely stood out from societal norms in the most by breaking gender stereotypes, wearing obscene clothing and through her statements. In the past, there hasn’t been another public figure who has been known to make such a dramatic impact on how others view themselves and those around them. Gaga has opened the door for many people that do not want to fit in with everyday crowd.

I also liked the fact that Halberstam tied in Yoko Ono, who is a Japanese musician and also the widow of John Lennon. Mainly because I was not familiar with her work or that she still was even producing music. She similarly paved a way for many individuals to live as who they are. This added even more diversity to his reading and I have become intrigued with both artist.


3 thoughts on “Halberstam’s “Gaga Manifesto” Response

  1. I too was never really a Lady Gage fan, but i did admire her for her ability to make others think about things, deemed the other. Before her, very few mainstream artists tried to leave the mold that pop culture had forced upon them and the few that did often did not make it. Here being comfortable with making others uncomfortable made people realize errors of there ways. She had always been an advocate for members of the LGBTQ+ community. She has always spoken out and up for children of minorities and for people facing different disabilities. She has been a voice for people that could not be a voice for theirselves, which not only is eye opening but humbling. It also calls into question the character of other more known celebrities who could have done the same with their fame and fortune but never have.


  2. Before this class I sort of failed to realize exactly why Lady Gaga ever did the things she did. Wearing “obscene” clothing, her over the top performances. I was one of those people who looked at her like “wtf is she doing, wtf is she wearing?” Never did it EVER hit me it was her form of making a statement and sending a message out there to people like myself, who questioned what she did and wore, that she really just does not care. Growing up, I did was a fan of her music, I can sing the lyrics to almost every single one of her songs. I enjoyed her music, but wasn’t so crazy about her. Now that I’m older I’ve been able to see how big of an impact she’s had on the LGBTQ community and how she’s used her fame for good. She’s been a voice for so many people that are a part of the community and has showed everyone to be comfortable with who they are.


  3. First off, who could hate Gaga, an amazing woman with an amazing voice. Until this reading, I did not realize how much Gaga has challenged societal views with what she promotes, wears, and says. In 2009, this woman was taking the media by storm. Her shows have so much meaning and messages behind. This is a definitely a woman that will fight for you. She even stood up for ONE DIRECTION when they got boo’ed for winning an award, she took the time out of her award speech to stand up for them. Gaga is one hell of a trailblazer for all communities.


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