Gaga Manifesto

What I interpreted from Halberstam’s explanation of Gaga Manifesto, is that society is ‘rigged’ in favor of the most powerful and follow the ‘norm’. Also that the gaga feminism is in favor of those who stray from that norm that society favors so often. This article emphasizes for the losers and Halberstam says that if they are going to lose that they should lose big. It made me think about the people like Lady Gaga who wore a dress out of MEAT and rocked it! Obviously no one is really a loser but she clearly skewed away from the proper dresses most celebrities wear with the top designed names. Although the name isn’t based off of Lady Gaga, it gives the example that ‘different’ is always reinventing itself being the unnamable. No one knows what is coming next, and I love that idea of the ‘unknown’ being referenced in such a positive matter. After reading about Gaga Manifesto it really made me realize that so many people follow what is popular in the here and now, but little do people realize the one’s who are different are the ones who stick out the most creating a separate path for themselves. Lady Gaga wearing a meat dress to the music awards was pure gold in the sense that she is losing fabulously. She stood out from the crowd that, for the most part, follows what society favors.


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