Does his opinion matter?

I would like to touch more on the reading we did called “Are Moral Voices Gendered?” by Eric Plutzer .I think it is important to bring up such a controversial topic such as abortion, in order to bring awareness to the many sides to the topic. By many sides I mean not only the people that are for or against it, but the people who are affected by it. This being the women who are pregnant and the men who impregnate them. In class we discussed if the man really has a right to make a decision and looked at statistical data for why women are afraid to tell the man or what happened when they did tell them. I believe that the man should only contribute his opinion if it is asked for, and ultimately the women should be able to make the decision. It really is her body and her life that is affected the most because there are a lot of times where the man bails when there is an unexpected pregnancy. Personally I don’t believe that abortion is the right thing to do but again, I’m not in that situation and it’s not my body. I also don’t think that men have a certain right in making the decision of whether or not the pregnancy is terminated. Do I think the women who is pregnant should tell the guy? Eh, in one hand it’s her decision and in the other hand if she’s in a committed relationship, the guy should know but ultimately it should be her decision.


7 thoughts on “Does his opinion matter?

  1. I agree with you that abortion is a major topic and that Pulitzer’s piece is something everyone should read, especially the statistics portion. I think there is a stereotype, especially for teens or young adults, for those who get abortions. The typical “trashy” teen that typically fits the “slut” definition is the image that our society pictures when they think of women getting abortions. What society needs to understand in my opinion is that nobody WANTS to get an abortion. It’s not like women go around intentionally getting pregnant just so they can be these “monsters” our society thinks they are and going around killing their own children. I agree that abortion should not be a go to response for an unexpected pregnancy and that all options should be discussed with you and your partner. The article seemed to focus more on women who are in long term relationships or those who are mature adults, which I think Pulitzer missed a very important aspect of age. A girl who is 13 and unexpectedly pregnant, should she have the right to an abortion? This unexpected pregnancy may not have been her fault. It could have been due to rape or an abusive relationship in which case, politics today are saying that she has no choice but to have this baby and that it is not her choice. This leaves her entire future to be much more difficult and leaves little room for a successful life. He also misses the topic of embarrassment. Imagine the sheer fear of going into your freshman year if high school being the pregnant slut that got knocked up. This may lead to her dropping out of school due to bullying and giving her minimal options for jobs in which she will need to support her baby. “But too bad, it is her fault right?” -Society


  2. Abortion is definitely a hot topic. Personally, I don’t know think I would get an abortion unless the circumstances were extreme. However, I believe if a woman wants an abortion, it’s her body. During this discussion, someone in class mentioned the man should be included in the conversation if the women should or shouldn’t get an abortion. This person mentioned that if the woman decided to keep the baby then she would expect the man to help raise the baby (which he should, it takes two to tango). So with this perspective, shouldn’t the man be made aware, at the very least, that she is pregnant? When it comes to terminating the pregnancy, I believe “my body, my choice.” But I disagree with the fact of not letting a significant other be made aware of the situation.


  3. For every controversial issue there can be an infinite number of complex scenarios drawn in order to argue for cause and correctness. Abortion is one of the more prominent contemporary issues that apply to more than half of the earth’s population. With such a massive population being affected, it is surprising that there seem to be only two set stances for the legal permissibility of abortion in the general public. Such stances are simply whether one, like myself, agrees with the inherent right to abortion and deploy the title of pro-choice or, the latter, neglect the right to abortion and display the title of pro-life. While these sides compete, most fail to realize the certain complexities that may come into play when deliberating the morality of abortion. For example, while I am ultimately pro-choice, I employ certain reservations about the moral permissibility of the premises, regarding intent, that would lead to an abortion. Those reservations would not coincide with my opinion of general permissibility or, in other words, specifically do not align with the ultimate morality of pro-choice. Maybe we should focus more on morals and how people demonstrate and craft their value….


  4. Abortion is a very sensitive topic and the decision to abort a pregnancy is ENTIRELY up to the woman. We see all to prevalently white middle aged men in suits signing contracts and bills determining whether women can have reproductive rights and freedoms. NO man and NO political woman are allowed to use their authority and religion to dictate another woman’s life. If a woman does not feel fit or comfortable to have a child then she has the right to not give up her life to be a mother. If men were biologically able to get pregnant, abortion would be a commonality, probably an openly publicized norm in society. It is so frustrating that men get to decide whether women can legally have rights to their own bodies, just because the majority of politicians are men.


  5. When we touched on the topic of abortion in class, not gonna lie I was very into it. I am very respective of people’s opinions, but when people automatically attack and assume that women who do get abortions should go to hell..etc that’s when I get SO annoyed. You have your pro life people, those who are pro choice, and those who say it’s circumstantial. In the topic of abortion, I am 100% pro choice. Like the person in the comments above said, nobody WANTS to get an abortion !!! Now I know morals plays into it and so does conscious, but whether or not a woman wants to abort an unwanted pregnancy, is nobody’s decision BUT HER OWN. I feel like so many pro life people fail to see the different scenarios that there are, like rape for example. & it also really pisses me off @ those who say well if you don’t want to face the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy, DON’T HAVE SEX. What is also EXTREMELY ANNOYING is how society targets women specifically on this topic only because of our reproductive organs and we’re the ones carrying a baby for 9 months. There are people out there who feel their unfit to be parents due to financial issues, the areas in which they’re raising their poor kid, some may even be single moms in their teens. I’m pretty sure all of that comes into play when thinking about abortion. No one aborts a child, just to abort and “get rid of it”. People who are pro life I guess would rather have a child suffer through poor conditions??


  6. Abortion is a controversial topic and I agree with the part of you saying that it is the woman’s body so ultimately it should be her choice. If there is a couple or situation where the man is actively present in the woman’s life and the man is against abortion, it comes down to the fact that it is the woman’s body and should be the final decision. When it comes to informing the man involved about the choice to get an abortion, I also think that should be up to the woman to decide. If it is a random guy that she won’t feel comfortable telling him to, she shouldn’t have to. Like any controversial topic, there are sticky situations that might be different on a certain case but overall I think the woman should have this fully her decision and not feel obligated to explain herself to anyone while she is protecting herself and her body.


  7. I was actually surprised that the majority of the women that participated in the survey were in a committed relationship of some sort. I feel as though the women in the media we see that do get an abortion are typically young, single women or teenage girls. Personally, I’m 100% pro-choice because I don’t think I have the right to tell someone else what they can do with their body. I’m also afraid anti-abortion laws affect trans men who are trying to pass and keep themselves safe from anti-trans violence. Or, in cases of domestic abuse, the abuser might try to keep ties with the pregnant individual by fighting for custody, etc. Cases of sexual assault are another well-known issue. Even if someone isn’t pro-choice, I get so frustrated when they don’t understand that there are dire circumstances. That isn’t to say that there has to be an extreme situation, I agree that it should always be the woman’s (pregnant individual?) choice no matter what. If they don’t want to have that baby, they shouldn’t have to. Honestly, I don’t get where this idea of women using abortion as a form of birth control even comes from. Yes, let me go under a traumatic (and expensive!) procedure just because I can’t be bothered to use birth control. Of course that’s how that works.


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