Pop Culture

Throughout this course we spoke a lot about pop culture and its impact on queer theory. Before coming into this class I never really noticed how much of an impact that this group of people had on this topic. In class we spoke a lot about Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus. All three of these women are part of the pop culture world and have incredible influential power on the people that follow them. We spoke about how Taylor Swift tries to be pro feminist but does not really seem to do anything about it. As compared to Miley Cyrus we spoke how she preaches a lot for the feminist movement and does a lot to support and try to change things regarding to it. I noticed that celebrities in general can have a huge impact on almost any topic. It is crazy that if a famous celebrity preaches against something, their fans will most likely be swayed to feel the same way. A lot of the huge celebrities are pro feminist but there are a couple that preach against this movement and have detrimental effects on the people that follow them For example, Lana Del Ray, a huge singer of our decade once stated,“ For me, the issue of feminism is just not an interesting concept.” Lana has over 9 million followers on Instagram and over 6 million followers on twitter. She has a huge fan base and by speaking badly about feminism she can really change peoples views on it. It just blows my mind how these huge celebrities can have such a big impact on people’s thoughts and opinions on almost anything, including feminist and queer theory.


2 thoughts on “Pop Culture

  1. I agree with you that pop culture has a huge impact on people who live more “normal” lives. We idolize these celebrities, and hold onto every word that comes out of their mouths. I almost wish this was not the case, since there are many famous celebrities out there that do not fully understand the concepts they speak about. They do not always practice what they preach, and are not the best people to be listening about certain topics. Yes, there are celebrities out there who do good for what they believe in, and help greater causes, but the ones, like Taylor Swift, that are not fully educated or understand what they are preaching to the public are the ones who irk me. I feel that if you are that influential of a person, you should only be speaking about important topics if you are educated on that topic and have a passion for it.


  2. It is beyond crazy how we change our thoughts based on what these icons say. Pop culture has such an immense impact on our lives. I like your point about Miley Cyrus (of course being her biggest fan) she does put her money where he mouth is and preaches a lot about the feminist movement. Miley also taught us to be yourself and honestly not care what people think. Lady Gaga taught us it is okay to be different. But there are also so many icons that we get the wrong idea from, for example, Kylie Jenner. Do we really want to form a society based on materialistic items and plastic surgery? No. Kylie Jenner tries to preach about life but she not educated and sounds sooo stupid at times. I guess my point is that there are really good icons who know what they preach about, but there are the really bad ones too, and we are all affected by both of them and it is beyond crazy how we base our thoughts and actions off of what they think.


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