Since when is sodomy a bad thing?

During class this week, we talked about Goldberg’s reading and how sodomy is associated with homosexuality. I see how it may be associated with homosexuals because it is a non-repoductive act, but in no way shape or form does it mean it excludes heterosexuals as well. Sodomy is made out to be this horrific action that only same sex relationships participate in. By definition, sodomy is “sexual intercourse involving anal or oral copulation.” Just by reading this definition I do not seem to understand why society makes it out to be such a “bad” thing to do. I mean if you really think about it, mostly everyone joins in on some version of sodomy in their partner relationships, whether same sex or not, at one point or another. Oral/anal sexual intercourse should not be looked at as a corrupt action… it is simply a part of sexual intercourse as a whole.  Just because sodomy does not result in actual reproduction does not mean it should be automatically connected to homosexuality. Chances are heterosexuals are participating in sodomy just as much as homosexuals are. Once again, we see society falling into the binary norms and judging homosexuals for joining in sodomy. It is safe to say that basically everyone has or had oral/anal sex at least once in their life. For some it may not be their “cup of tea”, but for the most part, everyone around us has taken a part in some sort of sodomy as much as the next person does.


2 thoughts on “Since when is sodomy a bad thing?

  1. Belle, I fully agree with your post on sodomy. I find sodomy to be an interesting topic, because personally I believed, up until learning about this topic, that basically everyone has participated in sodomy at least once in their life. It also amazes me that sodomy has a negative connotation, when it is literally sex… It is what we have been taught about and learned as we have aged. Both homosexuals and heterosexuals are capable of sodomy, and both sexualities do participate in these acts. My personal opinion is that I feel as if the people who are against sodomy and do not believe that heterosexuals practice sodomy are people who are strict and firm in their beliefs, and may be a little old school. People like this are the ones who create a binary in this world. It’s 2017, and people are more willing to share their sexualities than ever.


  2. I think your post plays a lot on the common saying “everyone does it, but no one admits it”. For centuries, we have known that sex is not merely a means to an end, it is for pleasure or for profit in many instances. Nowadays I have seen a shift in how heterosexuals treat sodomy, anal sex, oral sex, and any of its variants. I can name ten songs that deal with these topics off the top of my head and at least a few TV episodes (Broad City, Girls) that deal with anal/oral sex. I don’t believe it is sodomy between anyone that is considered socially taboo, but simply sodomy between LGBTQ individuals that is still considered a cultural ‘no no’. We’re still in that weird space socially where LGBTQ people having sex on mainstream television or in films is a shocker. I remember when Scandal showed two gay men being intimate and my TL exploded because a publicly broadcast-ed network showed a gay couple being intimate on prime-time television for the first time. I think culturally we have somewhat gotten over the hump (I’m not being punny) of hetero couples committing sodomy, but we’re still grappling with role of sex and its portrayal in the LGBTQ community.


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