Gaston and LeFou?? Gay??

In our reading, “Whats Wrong With Normal?” by Michael Warner, Warner spoke about stigmaphile and stigmaphobe and how they play an argument. In class we discovered stigmaphile is inside the community, meaning one can have sex within the community, and stigmaphobe is a term for beliefs outside of the community. Warner continued to speak about how we find it normal to have someone speak for a general group of people, which can be a positive or negative thing. For example, in class we spoke about how Lady Gaga is not queer, but she still fight with her people. The idea of normal people speaking for everyone is often seen in politics, as well. I noticed that television producers are starting to speak for the gay community. This caught my attention when feeding addiction to binge watching Netflix shows. In the Netflix original, Orange Is The New Black, all different types of gay couples have been portrayed all over the show. In the Tv show, The Hundred, the two main characters, being female leaders, fall in love with each other.

Controversy rises almost every time a gay couple is portrayed in television or movies, especially in the most recent film, Disney’s Beauty and The Beast. Disney portrayed their first exclusively gay character, LeFou. His reconciliation with his sexual acts increased LGBT visibility in films. In class we spoke about how people interpret bodies and it basically comes as our first instinct. Society judges people by hairstyles, how they walk, clothing, and body language. LeFou had feminine traits, which society adapted as a sign of a gay male. Viewers stereotypically read his gay body by how he spoke, and how he acted towards Gaston. 


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