Beauty seems to have only ONE definition?

Back to our talk on Disney and Beauty and the Beast, which was brought up a lot in class, I would like to share my opinion on how Disney, or even just tv shows/movies in general fail to set a real life representation of what girls actually look like/ can look like. I feel like society nowadays focuses so much on looks and representation and it’s because we grow up watching tv shows and movies that make us form these opinions, and lead us to believe and construct this idea that beautiful is associated with someone who’s skinny, has a clear face..etc. Allowing self consciousness to build up in a girl, or anyone who doesn’t look like the pretty girl/guy in the movies. Like myself for example, I’ve always been so focused on looking good, and by looking good I also mean being thin. Last night I got picked on for my weight, which was completely uncalled for, but it upset me and made me think, wow am I actually ugly because I’m not skinny ? (I know this sounds extremely dramatic but I actually thought this to myself) Like the fact that there are these social constructs that are based on appearance is SO wrong. I feel like no one even focuses on internal beauty anymore. And why ? Because the media can never dare to cast someone who isn’t outside of what they normally do. I think it’s so messed up. We are all beautiful regardless of what we look like and I wish we could all just be accepting of one another. Curves are okay, being skinny is okay, big butts are okay, small butts are okay, and so what if you have a pimple or two or struggling with severe acne ? I thought that there were many different definitions of beautiful, but for some reason, I feel as if almost all people share the same one, and it’s the exact same one that is portrayed in the movies 99.9% of the time.


7 thoughts on “Beauty seems to have only ONE definition?

  1. I totally agree with what you have to say about external beauty. I very much buy into the idea that the media tries to tell us that we are ‘ugly’ or have a problem so they can sell us stuff. If they started telling us that our natural flaws, like pimples, are beautiful they would have a much harder time selling us products, like acne creams and washes. I know that every day I use about four products for skin care alone. This is excluding makeup. I know that I should be ok with my acne scars and such but sometimes it is hard to focus when you feel as though the front you are putting forth is anything less than beautiful.


  2. I agree with you that the issue of social media deeply impacts the way we view ourselves and how we may judge those around us. In this day in age it is simply how our culture has evolved, although viscous, the cycle of constantly trying to fit the “norm” becomes a day to day system. Most of us, in my opinion are trying to prove something by changing or altering the way we look. We may be trying to prove we are beautiful to ourselves or somebody else. To be able to say you are confident in the way you look is a very hard thing for many people, but once we accept ourselves and love ourselves we should not care about petty comments that other make because it only reflects their own insecurities they have not yet accepted for themselves. I do this subconsciously as well, when judging others in the back of my mind, I realize I am reflecting my own insecurities on them. Social media is a more extreme version of a Disney character for a little kid but they both reflect this same idea of external beauty.


  3. I 100% agree with your ideas in this blog post. Everyone knows that self image and the media are closely connected. The media can have a huge impact on almost anything and the use of social media especially has caused certain images and ideas to blow up in our society. Throughout the decades the idea of a “perfect body image” has changed. In the 1940s/50s being curvy was seen as beautiful. After that the media slowly portrayed being skinny and having a flat stomach as beautiful. I agree with you in the fact that you can be beautiful no matter what you look like. In our current decade certain brands and celebrities are trying to publicize the fact that being curvy and plus size and not stick thin can be beautiful. I remember during the Super Bowl halftime show Lady Gaga got criticized since her outfit showed off her “fat rolls” (not actually fat rolls). Many people criticized her and said she shouldn’t be wearing anything that shows off that, but other people were saying good for her for being confident and not caring. Either way, she killed the half time show and regardless of what her outfit made her look like she was still amazing and beautiful in thousands of people’s eyes.


  4. I also completely agree with all the points you made in this blog post. Body image is a huge issue in our country today. The media has played a huge role in this growing negative perception woman have of their bodies. You’re totally not dramatic for thinking that to yourself – I have thought that to myself so many times I can’t even now. Our generation as kids grew up watching perfect little cartoon people in perfect movies living perfect lives with perfect bodies and living “happily ever after” when this can be so far from true for so many. Even when movies try to incorporate a girl with curves, she’s still like flawless and she isn’t THAT curvy, ya know? It’s like, some productions are trying to be more well rounded by including multiple races, and multiple sizes of people, but like we said in class, I doubt they would make the lead actor playing Belle a curvy black woman, which is so sad to say (not to say I don’t love emma watson because I do and i’m happy she got the part, but you see what point i’m trying to make). I’m sorry people picked on you for your body, fuck them, you’re perfect the way you are!


  5. I was just having this same discussion with one of my friends just yesterday. Women are basically preset from a young age to think that only certain people are beautiful because of certain characteristics. It’s really hard some days to be a girl when you don’t fit into the right clothes or when your face doesn’t look exactly like the celebrities that everyone idolizes and it definitely gets me down sometimes. Thankfully nowadays there are plenty more commercials and things online that discuss the idea that all body types are beautiful. Dove for instance is trying to start campaign to promote body positivity which is awesome to see and I wish I had something like that growing up. I kind of wish I had grown up with other types of role models because maybe then I wouldn’t have days where I have a ton of self hatred. I wish the women in my life hadn’t been so focused on the norms of society and basically telling me to cover up because my body wasn’t petite like all the girls in my class.


  6. I totally agree with you. Today movies/tv shows cast the prettiest girl with no flaws and a perfect body. If they do cast a female who is a little overweight as the lead she is known as the “weird” unattractive friend. This doesn’t just apply to females but they do it for male roles too, if a guy doesn’t have they most likely wont cast him. By continuing with the trend we are teaching young children that you have to be this way to fit in within society and that’s not true. Body size isn’t a one size fits all. Not only do we see this perfect body size on tv but it can also be seen in magazines, fashion shows…


  7. It is so sad how it is so known and the “norm” that media set unrealistic expectations for women, especially when referring to body type. Of course, not even just models on the runway, but now all the actresses in movies and commercials are stick then and flawlessly edited. But that’s even how Disney movies have to be, even cartoons, for little girls to watch and create this “perfect princess image” at such a young age. And bringing back up the recreated movie of Beauty and the Beast, and how this beast is supposed to be just that, a beast, but the girl falls in love with him NOT FOR LOOKS. And what happens when the beast turns into a man, he is stunningly handsome that any girl would drool over. The media is so powerful and inspirational for women and can be used in such a motivating way to have girls be happy with who they are and look for beauty within, yet it seems to have a negative effect on people because things are so unrealistic for the average girl to look like.


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