In our reading by Goldberg, Goldberg talks about how sodomy is equated to homosexuality and how the erases non-reproductive homosexual sex and it also equates an act to an identity. This creates and reinforces a binary. To be honest the definition of sodomy I had somehow come up with before our discussion of the term was alot more negative and graphic. When I learned that it really just meant anal and oral sex (or just anything thats not reproductive in nature and heterosexual), I found it very interesting that although I hadn’t known what the term really meant I somehow knew to attach a negative connotation to it. I assumed sodomy was a bad thing because of the way its talked about in our society, which makes it sound like some criminal act. I find it so interesting that the word has a negative connotation in our society due to the fact that most sexually active humans participate in sodomy. The only reason its a negative term is because its equated (wrongly) to homosexuality. I also found our discussion of separation of act and identity really interesting. I think people often jump to conclusions about identity based on what “acts” a person performs. Like if man kisses another man he is automatically gay. You see that binary come out in this example as well. People wouldn’t assume he was bisexual or pansexual, they would immediately jump to gay. I think understanding the difference between acts and identity is important because although acts can be a part of your identity, they don’t define your identity.




One thought on “Sodomy

  1. I agree with you about how before our class discussion, the word sodomy has a negative connotation. In class we learned that it has had many different meanings over the centuries and what I have learned is that no matter the law, society cannot ultimately police basic human activity and desires. I also thought it was interesting that is goes back to the binary, like you said, pre-marriage heterosexual sex is one thing but homosexual sex is satan. I think what it comes down to with this topic, is that society is controlled by a higher power that bases their laws off of hate and nonacceptance. As we also learned with Goldberg’s reason to add in the abortion court case is that sodomy accusations are controversial and hypocritical.


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