I wish I was a punk rocker with Flowers in my hair

I really latched onto Munoz’s reading this week. Maybe because it was a hopeful reading whereas previous readings have been kind of not hopeful, to say the least. I really enjoyed see pictures of stages and how Munoz described them. All the stages were completely empty- just as they naturally are without interference. My personal rendering of these stages is the utopian that Munoz is describing. It’s there, but it’s not there. Like, the physical stage is there but the ideas that bring the stage to life aren’t shown. I love theater, and I love seeing live performances. A make believe story is brought to life and then ends, until the next play. For example, Munoz visited La Plaza, one of the oldest Latino gay clubs in LA. Munoz describes it as having a country-western feel to it, and being humble. However, as soon as the stage is brought to life the club transforms, and glamorous drag queens take the stage. They created their own utopian and when they finish their show, it’s gone. However, I also think it’s important to think as a utopian as a safe place- one can go there without any fears. In terms of drag shows, you know when you go you enter the world of drag- the outside world does not exist so long as you’re in there (or until the performance is over). In class we defined utopian as “no place and a good place.” I honestly still don’t know why I find this whole idea so amazing. The stage is the greatest Utopian we currently have. Also how could I not add one of my favorite songs as the title when we’re talking about punk culture??


One thought on “I wish I was a punk rocker with Flowers in my hair

  1. I definitely like the idea of the stage as an “escape.” I myself am a theater buff who likes to be a part of musicals and other theatrical productions. Whether it’s on or off stage, the experience provides transportation to other worlds, be them realistic or not. Theater and the stage as a utopia is definitely an idea that I can get behind. I also like your analysis of the drag scene as it was something that I wasn’t too familiar with until recently. But, my experiences attending drag shows have provide to me that they are super-charged, glitter-infused safe spaces where you are who you are. No one is wrong unless, you are doing wrong to others. This is not only a good hearted ideal, but it spreads the ideas of love and acceptance which are deeply rooted in the LGBTQ community.


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