The Irony of the Beast

This week in class we talked a lot about the Disney children’s movie Beauty and the Beast.  It was recently re-made, which I have yet to see, but many of the concepts from the original seem to be the same in the re-make.  I have never questioned the things such as how discourse analysis can be used to look deeper into the film or text because back when I had watched it originally.  I was just a kid and it seemed like a regular fairy tail to me, but being older now and being in this class creates a deeper meaning or sheds some light on the irony for certain things.  For starters this concept of Bell falling in love with a beast.  The pure irony that the Beast isn’t actually a beast in the end kills me, but of course we expect a beautiful young woman like Bell to be with someone as equally as handsome as herself.  I see this connecting with our society and how we expect things to work, having relationships be based upon superficial things such as appearance.  The whole concept of Tinder is based upon the way one looks and the way they appear over social media.  When Bell connects with the beast on an emotional and personal level, forgetting about all the superficial stuff that we usually take into account almost subconsciously , it shares a message for kids and adults that ones appearance may not reflect on who they are.  Then once this message has been shared they tear it apart and make him physically attractive too.

Our society revolves around how we present our selves and is constantly focusing the attention on the “beautiful” people.  We also touched upon the idea of gender preformativity which is not in our societies realm of general and natural beauty.  This automatically creates stereotypes and social constructs based on appearance.   To wrap up my thoughts, there are many ideas such as this in other children’s movies that can be changed and adapted to send a new message of true internal beauty.


4 thoughts on “The Irony of the Beast

  1. I agree with you when you say that they ruined the message of the movie, Beauty and the Beast, when the beast turned into a handsome young man. I think that the message would have remained much more powerful if the beast stayed a beast and Belle continued to love him even though he looked the way he did. Attractive people tend to date other attractive people. It is rare to see an ugly woman with a beautiful man, especially on television and in movies. I think society and the entertainment industry needs to change this so that people know it is not the norm to just date someone for the way they look.


  2. I completely agree with you when I was reading your post on the irony of this Disney movie. I feel as though everyone is so used to princesses getting their “prince charming” and by creating him into the beast they take away the attractiveness of Bell’s unlikely “prince charming”. However, the minute they fall in love with each other for each other’s personalities, the beast gets his handsomeness back.. which wasn’t supposed to matter in the first place. People nowadays are constantly looking for superficial aspects in each other rather than getting to know someone for their personality. Like you mentioned, Tinder is the root of this superficial-ness every single day. People literally get to choose who they talk to based off their attractiveness. I just feel as though in this day and age I would think that Disney would have seen the irony in the concept of their movie and be able to fix it to the concept it is truly trying to pursue.


  3. Hi Emma, you talked about a lot in your post and I think you hit on some pretty important subjects. First, I fully agree with your opinion about The Beauty in the Beast. The original message seemed unique and important to share with young people, one should fall in love for what is on the inside of someone. By making the beast a handsome prince, it completely takes away the message and the original idea that looks are so important is held. I love how you connected this to Tinder. While I do not imagine most people on Tinder are looking for love, it is a completely superficial way to even meet friends. Also the idea that you pass someone based on their appearance is known by everyone. Once again, I agree with your final thoughts. Many movies can be redone to be more progressive and push a healthier message to children. Have a great week!


  4. I really agree with you on many of the points you made. I myself watching Beauty and the Beast as a young girl could have never drawn much of the conclusions we drew in class about this movie. I do also believe that society nowadays focuses so much on looks and presentation. A girl wouldn’t dare to post a photo on Instagram with a bare face. We’re always so hung up on what would make a good post that can get you the most likes. Many people we fall in love with over social media because we think they’re attractive through what they portray on their pages, and little do we know this person could be the biggest douche in the world. I feel like so much attention is given to these “beautiful” people just because of their appearance and what they portray on their pages.


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