The Craft: Utopia Edition

The Munoz reading really took my eye this week for a blog post. The “it’s just a phase” movement by delusional parents has no only affected myself, but countless other approval-seeking coming of age youths. While that example caught my eye, I found the idea of how one stages a utopia to be more intriguing. In his work Munoz says, “Utopia is not prescriptive; it renders potential blueprints of a world not quite here, a horizon of possibility, not a fixed schema. It is productive to think about utopia as flux, a temporal disorganization, as a moment when the here and the now is transcended by a then and a there that could be and indeed should be.” It made me develop the linkage between the delusion unknowing parents craft when dealing with wild queer youths and such. It’s only a hypotheses but I believe that the notion that Munoz was intentionally grabbing at is that we should focus more on the manner in which we script and cast our version of Utopia and how some utopias while different, could prove dissatisfactory for others. At least in the situation regarding discouraging parents and the notion of the “its just a phase”. Additionally, I enjoy the other idea that he presents pertaining to the temporality, spatial, and potentiality of one’s utopia. It goes without saying that everyone’s utopia is different however, not everyone consciously constructs their utopia in the same mentality. That mentality being the conscious crafting of one’s utopia while incorporating the philosophical yet realistic aspects that could prompt a more accurate Utopia. Do you feel the same way? Or am I just a nut who is reading way into a reading?


One thought on “The Craft: Utopia Edition

  1. I like what you had to say about how every person may construct their own Utopia differently. You’re completely right and it isn’t something that I thought about. I also like how you referenced how we should think of Utopias in flux. This makes me think about how I’ve grown older and challenged different beliefs that I have held before and how we all change as we grow up. I think that not only would different peoples definition of a Utopia be different, and that I may think of your Utopia as more of a Dystopia, I also think that our past concepts of a Utopia can be seen as dissatisfactory by our present selves. Because of this it makes me question how useful the idea of a Utopia is. I know realistically we will never achieve a utopian society, but I’m now wondering if we could ever agree on what one would look like.


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