Out of all the readings we have read in the duration of this class I think that Kate Forbes’ “Do These Earrings Make Me Look Dumb?” stuck out to me the most. Her article really made me realize how much our society creates the gender binary. Meaning there are so many gender stereotypes that if you’re a girl you MUST like pink and princesses and if you’re a guy you MUST like sports and be manly etc. What about girls who like manly things and vice versa? Is that so wrong? This stereotype our society has created sadly may impact how people identify to the world, instead of identifying for who they really are. Forbes also touches on the fact that no one really pays attention to the ‘primary’ sources and instead focuses on facts. Why not be open to everyones personal experiences?

Even though there is this gender binary in our society, many are trying to break that. The first person who came to mind when thinking of these people was Ruby Rose. Although she is a female and does female related things she also does so many things people would think only men can do. Her body is filled with tattoos, her hair isn’t long and flowing in the wind as people would perceive. She is her own person and goes against all of the stereotypes that Kate Forbes speaks about. People like Ruby Rose give me hope that one day there will be no binary or stereotypes and everyone will be open to everyone’s identities and personal experiences.



One thought on “Society

  1. I couldnt agree with this more. I literally have been such a baseball dork my whole life and i actually enjoy watching most sports and getting into them. Literally every single time i am around guys and they notice that about me you might think a meteor just fell out of the sky. Like oh I’m sorry i don’t just like to paint my nails and curl my hair like girls are “supposed” to. I literally get so frustrated because its like i cant enjoy something without people freaking out. Like i get it, girls typically don’t enjoy sports like guys do… but since when does that mean sports are a guys thing and only guys can enjoy it?


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