Do I fit in?

As soon as I read the prompt for this week’s post, I thought of “Do these earrings make me look dumb?” written by Kate Forbes. One of my many interpretations of this reading was gender shouldn’t define itself as feminine or masculine because these terms are so vague, and through time have lost their true definition. We instantly think that women can’t be masculine and that’s only associated with men. Furthermore, a gender shouldn’t define the quality of work, and knowledge that someone possesses. This related to me on a personal level because I believe in the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover.” I know that’s really cliché, but on a serious note, the way we are dressed or the features we have are not always intertwined with the knowledge, ideas and talents we have. For me, there have been numerous times where I have judged myself and told myself that I couldn’t do something, because I wouldn’t fit in solely based on my appearance/the way I look. I feel like this hinders so many people from trying new things because they are afraid that they won’t fit that specific mold, this was the case for me. I struggled so much in deciding what I wanted to major in/study, constantly thinking where do I belong? There were many times where I doubted myself because of a grade I got back and thought that college wasn’t for me. My parents thought that I should try fashion and my immediate thought was no way, that’s not me, I don’t dress like that I would never fit in. I ultimately slowly pushed through all of that, and I’m still hesitant, but now I am doing hair and makeup which I love for the school’s magazine and starting to find where I belong. That process was not easy, and it’s hard for so many people because they have a fear that they’ll be judged and not welcomed. In my case, I was hard on myself and judged myself because of the way I looked, but in other cases people are judged by those around them.


2 thoughts on “Do I fit in?

  1. “Do These Earrings Make Me Look Dumb?” by Kate Forbes was one of the readings that I connected with the most as well. I definitely agree with your interpretation of this text. I too believe that the point Forbes is trying to get across in this reading is that terms such as feminine and masculine are no longer correct terms to define a gender, and therefore people should not be judged by their sexuality. Being a certain gender does not hinder any aspect of a person from anything. I believe that any person, no matter their gender, is fully capable of whatever they put their mind to. Beneath outward appearances lies the same base for every one, so to me everyone has an equal chance to do whatever they want.


  2. I agree with your perspective on “Do These Earrings Make Me Look Dumb?” by Kate Forbes. Her experience in the work field and how she felt like she did not qualify or that she did not belong with her collegues because of her credentials not matching what was expected of someone of knowledge of a field that she could explain through her knowledge personal experiences. I agree with Forbes that many fields are gender biased and that people believe they do not fit in with the rest. I can relate to feeling this way; last summer I had a job in the maintenance department at a local state park and the first day on the job, I realized I was the only girl in the department. I felt unqualified because I knew they were not expecting a girl to be in that field and especially when it came to the equipment, all of the guys knew how to use them and I had to be taught. Overall, I loved the job and I do not think someone should quit something because its out of their comfort zone, you should defy the odds.


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