Credentials Vs. Experience

The reading that I connected with the most from our class so far has to be “Do These Earrings Make Me Look Dumb” by Forbes. More specifically I really connected with the part where Forbes was talking about needing proper credentials and the professional training that some people have that others don’t have access to. Even though Forbes may not be an expert some experts who do have the credentials value her perspective because of her experience. I connect with this the most out of all the readings we have done because I remember that during freshman year a girl who lived on my floor tried to talk to me about her opinions on same sex marriage and how she, a political science major, knows about the struggle it was for the LGBTQ+ community to gain the same rights that heterosexual people have and how happy she is that people like me are finally “equal”. I personally felt like she had no idea what it was like for me. She had the right to marry whoever she wanted and that right for her has never been in jeopardy. I felt like she really had no way of knowing what it was like for someone in the community to go through that but she felt like she could completely understand because she’s “learned about what it takes for a law to get passed” and she, “knows that it can be a real struggle sometimes”. I will admit that she knows a lot more about laws and what it takes to get them passed and how long it takes but I felt that she really could not have known what it was like to be someone who that specific law was applying to. I feel like Forbes’ “Do These Earrings Make Me Look Dumb” stated most accurately how I felt about not having the correct credentials but having the experience that outweighs the credentials.


2 thoughts on “Credentials Vs. Experience

  1. I found that this reading by Forbes struck me the most, compared to the rest of the texts assigned. I recently commented on another blog post talking about Forbes’ reading, but it focused more on the gender binary in our world today. The other aspect of her reading is what you are posting about, the point that people who do not have the credentials in a certain area are not seen as experts in that study, no matter the topic. This is crazy to me, considering that I feel personal experiences and living through realities gives a person more knowledge than any schooling or degree could. I understand that those people with degrees in a certain field can be seen as experts, but a majority of them lack an emotional side of the field, one that I find most important to be seen as a true expert.


    1. To the original poster, I just want to say that I’m sorry that you had to experience that and thanks for sharing that experience with us. In reply to this post, I love how you pointed out that people can lack insight not just from an academic standpoint but through an emotional lens. I personally believe that empathy and humanization are paramount to understanding the varied experiences of marginalized people. This is pertinent because I’ve noticed that whenever someone is attempting to talk over or silence a marginalized person, in this case Forbes and their gender or ajd08 and their sexuality, they do it because they’re failing to realize that their knowledge does not overwrite personal experiences and the emotions tied to them.


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