College Transitions

Throughout the course of our class we read and talked about a multitude of different topics. All of these readings educated me and opened my eyes to certain topics related to gender studies. Our most recent reading, College Transitions, by Pomerlau, caught my eye because the title referred to transitioning to college which we went through first semester, and are still going through now. I found this reading the most interesting and connected with it for a couple of reasons. As I was reading, I realized how much information was provided on safety, resources, and just general knowledge about trans people. One of the people that I am close to in my dorm building is trans, so this article opened my eyes about their experiences and the things they go through on a daily basis. On the news you see many articles about people getting bullied while they are transitioning and it causing depression and suicidal thoughts. This article speaks about how many students think college is a perfect time to start the transition, because it is a fresh new slate and nobody knows who you are. In high school there was this one boy who was going through a transition and everybody gave him a hard time for it since they were not sure which bathroom was appropriate for him to go in, which preferred name to be called by, and even which locker room to get dressed in. I give people a lot of credit for making that decision in high school because you have to face many obstacles. In college, you can come into it knowing exactly who you are and who you want to be and truthfully it will be a lot easier to make the transition. The article actually speaks about how the preferred gender pronouns you want to be called can be written on your university forms, rosters, and other online media. The article speaks about benefits but also speaks about the many obstacles trans students still face even to this day including bathroom use, harassment in general, and learning to interact with other students. Overall, it showed me that transitioning is a tough thing for people to do and everyone should be open and willing to accept and overcome these challenges without placing any judgment or making it difficult for anybody going through this process.


2 thoughts on “College Transitions

  1. I love how you brought up this article, and I can really understand your justification, especially after the transgender panel in today’s class. Like the people in the panel explained, for freshmen on this campus it is difficult to transition for the fear of people judging them or possibly physically or verbally abusing them when they go into a bathroom or simply walk around campus. I wish there was a housing option for an all gender floor like they have for upper class men to make those who feel like they do not fit into the cisgender binary, so that they feel comfortable around people who are like them. I appreciate that the campus has things to offer for the LGBT community such as groups, an all gender bathroom and an all gender floor, but those are not all around campus. I hope in the near future there will be a progression in things the campus has to make people feel safer here.

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  2. I completely agree with your opinion on how difficult it must be for those who are a part of the trans community. After the panel today, it really made me realize that there’s so much more problems that trans people face aside from the basic stuff like what bathroom to use, etc. When they opened up about how they all feel like a family, and are comfortable with one another due to the fact that their floor is just like them, and how when they go out of that zone, they’re going out to a whole other world where everything has to be justified, it really made me think like how unwelcoming some people might be to these people who also deserve to call this place home. I do believe transitioning in college rather than high school is more of an easier process in terms of having a clean slate and no one knowing who you are. For example, coming to Delaware myself, I realized that only 3 people who happened to be from my graduating class, out of the 20,000 kids that go to this school overall, know who I am. I do believe that a lot of people lack sensitivity and basic respect, especially those who think it’s okay to tear down property of the people living in the LGBTQ floors. I really hope that later on people could finally realize that it is okay to be gay, lesbian, trans…etc and begin to be more accepting, respectful and welcoming of these people. Hearing them speak at the panel today really made me say at one point like “go you !” there’s so much the people of this community face that they don’t get enough credit for like I was amazed !


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