Some Things Can’t Be Taught

Out of the readings assigned for this week, I found “Do These Earrings Make Me Look Dumb?” by Kate Forbes to be the most thought provoking. Forbes states that she is a transsexual woman, academic, and scientist. She is seen as an expert in the science world since she has the academics to back it up, but cannot be trusted to speak as a gender professional since she doesn’t have the credentials. Forbes has many things to scrutinize with how the academy handles gender. Yet because she is not seen as a master in gender, she cannot do much to change anything. It’s crazy to think that Forbes, a transsexual woman herself, is not seen as an expert in gender even though she possesses personal experiences in that area. Forbes even states that she does not agree with the “theories” science has come up with to try and explain different genders. Forbes is the “primary data”, someone who has individual experience in the gender field. Personally, I believe that Forbes should be seen as an expert in this area of study. She is living proof of someone who wants to live as the opposite sex, and therefore her word should be taken account for.  I feel that if I were curious about any gender, I would want to hear someone’s own story rather than a textbook definition. I believe that it is not necessary for someone to have an academic diploma to be seen as an expert of a certain topic. I feel that people learn more through experience than reading from a book. There are just some things that can’t be taught, instead you have to experience it yourself.


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