Relating “Transfeminist Perspectives” To My YouTube Addiction

Reading the, “Transfemeinist Perspective,” pieces and discussing them in class, really got me thinking and trying to relate my experiences to what they were saying. Especially, “Do These Earrings Make Me look Dumb?” by Kate Forbes made me think and question: Who can/is allowed to speak and be seen as knowledgeable when it comes to feminism and trans women. I immediately began to think of the mainstream trans leaders and role models of the ever-growing Youtube community, Gigi Gorgeous , Princess Joules,and Angela Vanity, Chloe Arden. All of these trans women have thousands of followers (some even millions) and even though they are just “YouTube Famous” they are still making headlines, being role models, and making money by documenting their transformations and updating their audiences.

So my question is: Is this a way to get to large audiences modern-day and “around the academy?” I see that the Transfeminist perspectives was published in 2012, so I’m not sure if youtube was as big of a platform back then for the trans community. I know Forbes point was diversifying the academy and being allowed to speak on behalf of her experiences not degree but I think forget the academy! I think we were talking in class about how we can’t positively change things and do better without changing the ways the system works already and finding new ways. So I think we should stop trying to find validation in life from others, go your own way! Change the rules, and use other platforms to voice your opinions.

Also back to the topic of trans women on YouTube… Do people think it is okay to be profiting off of transitioning publicly? I love Gigi, but alot of my gay or trans friends seem to think shes all for show and in  it for the money and not really doing or showing support to the entire community. I see that the most popular Trans women on YouTube are white and seem to be more privileged… is there a need for more diversity in the trans YouTube community as well? Please let me know your thoughts.


8 thoughts on “Relating “Transfeminist Perspectives” To My YouTube Addiction

  1. After reading your post you brought up some very interesting questions. I have seen Gigi Gorgeous on Youtube, and I do agree that she is a privileged white woman and she does not tend to discuss supporting other trans women on her channel. Although, just because she is transgender, I do not think that means that her Youtube channel and her social media needs to revolve around her life as a trans woman. I feel like she comes across as very confident and proud of who she is and she enjoys making entertaining content on Youtube for her subscribers. I would also agree though that there could be more diversity in the trans Youtube community, since many young children look towards Youtube when they have questions or are searching for people they can relate to. Although, I still do believe that Gigi can be a role model for many trans women though because she has become so successful while doing what she loves.


  2. I agree with what you are saying. I wish I knew the other youtubers you mentioned, but I was only familiar with Gigi Gorgeous. I believe that Gigi is just trying to get the message across to others that aren’t familiar with trans people that it’s ok to be different. I think she even has a documentary coming over showing her experience and transition phase. I also want to add another popular transgender woman, Jazz Jennings. I think that she is fairly important when it comes to the trans community because she was so young when she when through the transition phase. Honestly I am impressed because she was very confident with who she was and didn’t let the bullies who thought she was different get to her. (she also had a tv show for two seasons called “I am Jazz so good for her). Also when it comes to diversity I 100% agree with you because if I use my knowledge of transgender females I can only think of those who are white.


  3. I agree with you in terms of the trans YouTube community needing to be diversified. It can be hard to be of a different race, witnessing priveleged white women transitioning with immense amounts of money. However, I think that by Gigi transitioning before the public, she is attempting to make it the norm and educate people who may not fully understand the hard work, emotional and physical struggles, and dedication that it takes to transition. Through means of social media, she is able to reach out to a fan base and even show people who may not agree with LGBTQ rights that she is just an ordinary human being, that all members of the LGBTQ community are ordinary people, and deserve to be treated and viewed as such.


  4. Hello,

    I immediately found your post intriguing because I grew up watching Youtube “Beauty Gurus.” YouTube is a great platform to promote awareness and bring attention to transgendered individuals and the issues they must deal with. I used to watch Gigi before disclosed that she was transgendered, and she was always making money from sponsorships and through the YouTube partner program.I think it’s fantastic that she still as able to do so. While I personally do not follow her anymore, from what I remember she deserved to be paid because she takes her time in making quality videos which generate a lot of views. I think Gigi has found her way of sharing her story and experiences that has worked out very well for her.


  5. Although I never watched Gigi Gorgeous’s videos in particular, watching various trans YouTubers helped me work up the courage to come out and eventually transition to living as a woman. The trans community on the internet, and especially on YouTube, serves as a great resource for trans people trying to figure out where they stand and how to handle the various aspects of transition. It can be especially helpful to trans people who may not have access to traditional academic environments and materials. I would also like to point out that there are a number of relatively well-known non-white trans YouTubers, such as Kat Blaque, although they may not receive as much media attention as their white counterparts. Overall, I think the internet has really opened up a lot of opportunities for unofficial communication within various subsegments of the queer community in ways that would previously have been unimaginable.


  6. I have seen very few Gigi Gorgeous’s videos but from what I’ve seen she’s just a beauty guru and she’s VERY good at it. I do not believe she is trying to profit off the fact that she is a trans woman so that’s why she doesn’t talk abundantly about the LGBTQ community. While I do agree that she seems privileged and I personally wish she would show more support to the community, I just do not think that’s she goal for her videos and I also think she’s trying to attract a larger audience. SO maybe she thinks if she focuses too much on the fact that she’s a trans woman she loses audience? That could very well be a stretch but it could be what’s going through her mind. I would also agree with you that we need more trans diversity because I have only really seen white trans women as well.


  7. I really love the fact that you brought up Youtube celebrities because I have been following Gigi Gorgeous since 2009 before her transition when she was known as “Gregory Gorgeous”. To me she served a very important role and exposing me to what else was in the world. I was only 13 at the time and grew up in catholic school. I was able to embrace this culture at a young age and I still check back in to see all of the amazing things she has done with her career. Although I can not say that she is necessarily the most knowledgeable, I think she used her privilege of being an upper-class white young person to her advantage to spread awareness and share her journey. She uses the power of her makeup channel to let us in on her life, family, friends, and experiences.

    Although I completely agree that there is a need for diversity in the trans community and that there are more knowledgeable people out there, I also think that this is progress if nothing else. Gigi started in 2008 and has opened many people’s eyes and hearts while successfully having her career. As far as her making money off of this, I honestly believe she is incredibly talented at makeup as well as having an amazing personality people gravitate to and want to watch more. She has not made money off of being trans, but has put in work and created a brand for herself.


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