Hurricane Bianca

The class discussion about “Do These Earrings Make me Look Dumb” was very interesting to me. The whole time we were discussing of how society is used to one type of person, for example, as universities as an older white man it reminded me of this movie that I just watched a couple months ago called “Hurricane Bianca”. It’s about this drag queen named Bianca Del Rio who appeared on Rupaul’s Drag Race. When she starts off at the school, she comes as the sex she was born (a man). But he was working in a school in one of the Southern states when they suspected that he was a homosexual, he became to be disliked. He was disliked so much that one of the teachers basically did a “test” on him to determine whether or not he was gay. When the teacher did not go for the town whore as the woman suspected he wouldn’t, it was discussed with the principal and the man was fired for his sexual orientation. After that he came back in his drag attire as a woman and applied for the same job and at this point everyone loved him. Bianca was considered the coolest teacher in the school because her attitude had changed with the children and so did her attire. He even helped a student in one of his classes that was struggling with bullies at school because of his sexuality as well.

My point is, in the beginning no one liked the man just by the way he dressed and acted and by the end of the movie Bianca was everyone’s favorite person. She was even being hit on by the aggressively straight football coach as well. There was a set list of qualities a person had to have at this school in order to succeed and he had to change himself into Bianca for them to see the potential the the man had as a teacher.  It was normal for the male teachers to be aggressively straight just like the others as well as to hit on the female teachers and Bianca did not have those qualities. I feel like this happens every day in our society. Someone has to hide who they truly are so that people will have high opinions of them and that just sucks, honestly. Even now we’re seeing that as Donald Trump overturns part of President Obama’s plans and now transgender youth are going to have this huge weight on their back again because we can’t see past the person based on their looks.


2 thoughts on “Hurricane Bianca

  1. I liked how you connected the movie “Hurricane Bianca” to our class discussion regarding “Do These Earrings Make me Look Dumb.” This January I saw “Kinky Boots” on broadway which relates to both the movie and the theory. In the play the main character, Lola, is a fabulous drag queen, who gives Charlie, the owner of a shoe factory, the idea to create ladies’ shoes for men. These two men are so different from each other but they become business partners and work well together. Although, many people at the factory feel extremely uncomfortable around Lola because of the way he dresses, so Lola decided to show up in men’s clothes. Sadly, he is mocked by many of the workers causing him to leave. Over all, it is a wonderful play that encourages acceptance, diversity, and individuality. Lola stood out compared to the workers at the shoe factory who were mostly all white males who felt intimidated and uncomfortable around him because he was different from them. By the end of the play, similarly to the end of the movie you saw, Lola was everyone’s favorite person.


  2. I thought this post was really interesting and while I was reading I connected it to Caitlyn Jenner. Growing up, I was obsessed with the television show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”. I watched it every Sunday night, obssesed over all the girls, and followed them all on social media. When Bruce Jenner decided to come out and say that he was transitioning it struck a lot of people, but it was incredibly powerful and moving that such a famous public figure had the courage to come out to the world and not hide how they truly felt. When you said that people had to hide who they were and how they felt just because of others opinions it really made me think about Caitlyn Jenner. On the show, before she transitioned, the Kardashian sisters would always make comments about Bruce and how “his hair was too long”, or how “he dressed weird” comments that probably made him uncomfortable and made him feel worse about hiding who he was. Bruce hid who he truly was and how he felt for the majority of his life, just because he probably felt that he was such a public figure and transitioning would be all over the news and he would not be able to do it on his own. I think that Caitlyn is extremely courageous for being brave and doing that even though she knew that the whole process would be talked about publicly.


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