Reenfleshing Young Boys

One of the first main points of the reading “Reenfleshing Young Boys”, which we’ve been discussing in class, is that the idea of Masculinity Studies raises some eyebrows because it implies that men are equally as gendered as women, and that men and women are equally installed into “symmetrically gendered” positions.  This would mean that men face equivalent sorts of objectification and expectations, that are equally as disadvantageous and oppressive as they are for women.  That being said, Milo Yiannopoulos, a very right wing anti-feminist political journalist, has been in the news lately, and I wanted to see what he was all about so I watched a few videos about him on YouTube. I believe some of the arguments he is making about gender go right alongside with this point from the reading.

Many of his arguments center around the fact that “some men suffer from X,Y, or Z just like women do, therefore women are no more oppressed/gendered/objectified/victimized than men.”  He is doing exactly what is addressed in that first part of the reading, which is the potential problem mentioned with Masculinity Studies.  I believe what his argument fails to address is the fact that a lot of the things that men go through are not a result of a system that equally advantages/disadvantages all genders, but they are examples of a patriarchal system that genders and objectifies femininity.  Sometimes these toxic masculine gender roles can effect other men as well.  When people exist in a system that benefits aggression, assertiveness and violence, there are going to be victims from all genders.  I think we as a society need to think outside the box more when arguments are made like this, because it eliminates the idea of a tangible thing to overcome, and makes it seem like there’s no one behind the wheel, and there’s no point to strive for change.


One thought on “Reenfleshing Young Boys

  1. I really loved that you brought an outside source like Milo Yiannopoulous to make a point. Milo struck controversy at Delaware when he made a visit last semester. At this time I too was curious about what viewpoints he had so I could make an opinion for myself. Seeing as he is a critic of feminism I was not able to align myself with any of his views. His views that men are equally objectified as women is harmful to the feminist movement because not only are they not true, but they are compelling people to believe that feminism is a nuisance and some people view it as “girls wining” which is exactly what the movement is fighting against in itself. Having someone like Milo come to Delaware was difficult for a lot of people to swallow because he is not who represents most of our students and we don’t want to see a figure that doesn’t embody our community speaking up on campus, but it has taught me that staying true to what you believe is the most important thing you can do.


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