All Types of Women

Throughout these separate works exists one common theme that has been spoken upon through different perspectives. The idea that feminism has more than one definition, more than one meaning, and more than one intention, is the notion that can be found throughout the works discussed in class. We can see the true effect of intersectional feminism through these works, as each one strives to include different types of feminists in mind. More specifically, Gay’s TED talk focuses on personal identifications with feminism, and whether or not they are good or bad in terms of conformity and standards. One of the main focuses of Gay’s speech is that feminism exists beyond the support for middle class cisgender white women. This brings me to note how a section of Sandberg’s work didn’t necessarily focus on the needs of all types of women, but more so just he two-dimensional, non-inclusive version of women that “mainstream” feminism would tend to support. This notion is countered in Hook’s essay that criticizes Sandberg’s work in Lean in when suggesting that the work does not focus on the other types of “women” and depicts how trans women and women of color are are even more unequal, “the reality was and is that privileged white women often experience a greater sense of solidarity with men of their same class than with poor white women or women of color.” Gay then tells her audience that to begin support all different types of women, that we as a society need to begin to support the idea of treating people as people, and less like objects. We need to support wholesome media that exists to raise the level of all types of women to the level that cis white men are at. Gay moves to change the “norm” of degrading music, and stop idolizing the athletes that treat their partners like punching bags. This makes me consider the different types of media that I myself consume that could be potentially adding to the problem.


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