I decided to read articles from The Hairpin and Bitch Media. The article I picked from The Hairpin was called “How to Survive a 10-Hour Flight like a Lady.” In this article, the author gives tips and tricks to surviving a long plane flight that she follows by when she travels on long distance flights. I enjoyed reading this article not only because I gained tips out of it, but also because it was funny and light-hearted. The author took a more relaxed approach when writing this article, which made it easier to read and made me actually want to keep reading to hear what the author had to say. I feel as though this article is definitely age appropriate with college students constantly traveling home or study abroad nowadays.

The second article I read was from Bitch Media and was called “Musicians ❤ Planned Parenthood.” This article was about how famous musicians donate/ stood up for the organization Planned Parenthood. I liked this article because, similar to the other article, it was relaxed and easy to read. It also is age appropriate because many teenagers nowadays have to deal with the consequence of PP maybe shutting down. The difference between the two articles was that the first article from The Hairpin, was more of a helping hand article where there’s some comedic writing, but still get’s the point across. The second article from Bitch Media, was more politic directed talking about the shutting down of PP and all those who have been contributing. Overall, both articles were enjoyable to read.


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  1. Hey, Isabella, I want to comment and expand on your post about Bitch Media’s post about Planned Parenthood. On Jan. 21st, I know there were Women’s Marches going on all over the country when Trump was sworn into office. I know a bunch of female celebrities marched in LA and spoke out about the importance to protect women’s rights. As I was following this on social media, Miley Cyrus was a huge speaker at the march and she was supporting Planned Parenthood with her own foundation, Happy Hippie. I’m trash and I love Miley Cyrus so I think with celebrities popular amongst younger girls standing behind something so important is essential for these girls to support it. With Trump’s administration, it’s so important more people back up Planned Parenthood because it does provide so much for so many different young women. So, I’m super glad musicians love planned parenthood.


  2. Belle, the article you chose to analyze, “Musicians ❤ Planned Parenthood”, sparked my interest. With a new president recently sworn in who is against Planned Parenthood and abortion, I feel that this topic is very popular in society today. It is important to have celebrities voicing their opinions and standing up for what they believe is right, especially since they will be heard better than most people. What is even cooler is that these musicians supporting Planned Parenthood and women’s rights are using their wealth and connections to support the organization. As Kayla also commented, Planned Parenthood provides so much more than just performing abortions, such as breast exams and testing and treatment for STDs. It is important that the people who do believe in Planned Parenthood continue to fight for the organization, so that it can continue to provide services for women everywhere.


  3. I was actually at the Woman’s March D.C. and it was a very crazy and awe inspiring movement to be a part of as a millennial, mixed race, woman.There were many celebrities there in the crowd, and speakers that I listened all day to until around 4 when we stared marching (I arrived at 8:30) and it was nice to have a feeling that we are all one no matter our status or race. Hence why this topic and article interested me as well. When I first arrived to D.C. we were herded towards the main speaking stage and along the way there were many organizations asking us to sign various positions and giving us stickers and of course the pink pussy cat hats! As we arrived to the stage area, there were tents set up that were more official and intriguing for Planned Parenthood that people were lined up to donate.It was pretty surreal to witness such a line, all donating to Planned Parenthood were, Mothers, Daughters, Fathers, Boyfriends, everyone together standing single file were from all different backgrounds (I met someone all the way from Paris!) but in that moment they all had a singular cause. The more people in the line, the more people asked, “what are you in line for here?” and when we told them we were signing up to stand with PP and donate the line grew even longer. What I mean to get at is leading by example helps, and what started out as a short line soon grew to a lengthy line. Celebrities involved in Politics instead of being silent and utilizing there privilege I hope will make the line even longer in the fight for fighting for PP and women’s equality world wide.


  4. Dear Belle, this is a very controversial and interesting topic that is highly discussed in todays society especially among younger adults. I think it raises many concerns for women’s health and the issues with completely getting rid of the resources and help that planned parenthood can provide. I like the fact that this article was relaxed as you said, but at the same time I think that a topic so huge and time sensitive, should be voiced in a tone that is less relaxed and with a sense of urgency and concern. It is always good to hear when celebrities in our society speak up for something or show an act of donating because in all reality, their voice is more easily heard than yours or mine.


  5. Hello Isabella,

    Sounds like you read some pretty interesting articles. While I am not familiar with any of these websites, I believe would likely enjoy the posting from both. I am one of those citizens worried about the possibility of Planned Parenthood being shut down. I believe that what is has done for women has been incredible and while no organization is perfect, it is definitely an important part of our society. I will have to check out the other writing sometime. I can imagine how funny it may be, but also helpful. Both articles seem to be targeted towards a younger crowd, but still all women.


  6. Isabella, I am commenting to take note on your post about the hairpin. I think that this website has such a low key way of going about feminism, like you said ‘funny’ and ‘light hearted’. I think the website as a whole is a great place for women to search for some laid back advice and maybe even for a good laugh. Also what I find interesting about hairpin is that it really specifies on women being ‘ladies’ as if us women are always put together, if that makes sense. In the about section it says ‘ladies first’ which really stood out to me and I think this way of marking women as ladies makes hairpin different from the rest of the blogs we were suggested to read.


  7. Belle, I would like to further discuss the article, “How to Survive a 10-Hour Flight like a Lady”. While The Hairpin gives off a more feminist facade than other beauty and fashion blogs, it still addresses typical beauty concerns. While many women find articles discussing femininity and beauty stereotypical for a women’s magazine, I found this article refreshing. Many women do not like to admit that they wish to be more composed after a long flight because it may come off as trivial, but the article considers what almost every woman secretly wishes to know. The article is also featured on a less traditional women’s website, featuring current events and topics not just relating to beauty. This allows women to feel that reading about beauty is not shallow or unimportant because she identifies as a feminist or believes that women’s magazines should not just be catered on a women’s appearance.


  8. I actually read the Bitch Media post before reading your blog post and I felt the same way. Being as women and Planned Parenthood is a topic that affects a majority of women in the US (including myself), I have become accustomed to reading articles encompassing hate (rightfully so) regarding this topic. Reading an article voicing celebrity support with happier diction was a nice change of pace and a reminder that not everyone is jaded/against planned parenthood, especially public figures who have such a powerful voice. Seeing public figures like Katy Perry and Chrissy Tegan was a comforting sight, knowing that we are a united front despite our differences.


  9. I agree with your thoughts about the article “Musicians ❤ Planned Parenthood” because it is a controversial topic right now in the political world. While political figures are debating on what to do about the matter, a lot of people, specifically women are sitting on the edge of their seats wondering what will happen. Scrolling through my Facebook, I see many posts about people commenting on how celebrities and musicians should keep out of politics and keep their political views private. While I do agree to some degree on that opinion, I also think that celebrities should use their raised platform to voice the opinion of what many masses believe in. Celebrities should use their light to cast awareness on these topics and give strength to others to voice their own opinion.


  10. Hey Isabella! Although I read both of the articles you discussed, I found that “Musicians ❤ Planned Parenthood” was an extremely great read. I agree with your comments on the article as well. The article is definitely age appropriate as many of us are going to face the backlash of these implemented changes, but also managed to be an easy read, and informative. I personally think it’s really awesome that public figures such as Laura Stevenson donate 100% of their proceeds to Planned Parenthood. I think this is a very efficient way for public figures to make their opinions clear/ promote their beliefs, while still remaining appropriate and not diving too deep into the political side of policies. When I initially saw the title of this article, I assumed it was going to have a negative tone due to the reality of the situation, but it was nice to read an uplifting article for once. I also found the “How to Survive a 10-Hour Flight like a Lady” extremely funny and was a leisurely read.


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