Come Together

Throughout my life I have never understood politics so typically, I stay out of discussions over elections and politics in general. I came across an article on titled, “Some of us are brave- conquering fear and loathing in Trump’s America” by Tamara Winfrey Harris. Throughout this article Tamara explains that she is rather unmotivated and unmoored since last fall due to Trump running in the election. She feels threatened and exhausted by Trump because she is a black woman who constantly needs to justify her humanity and experiences.

Tamara noticed that she is not the only one, many people are suffering from election induced anxiety. She interviewed people and asked them to create a blueprint to help others cope with our new president. The people allow themselves to cry because it is okay not “have it all together.”  I agree that it is completely okay to cry sometimes, it helps to relive stress and pain sometimes. In addition, people find that coming together at anti-trump protests helped make them feel more powerful, and reminds people that they DO have a voice. Some people are fighting an internal battle and cannot accept America’s future with our new president.

I found another article on by Vivian Kane titled, “Airbnb’s fantastic super bowl ad has a message Donald trump needs to hear.” This article has a different format than the other one because it is based solely on a video, rather than a blogger writing down her thoughts along with the thoughts of the people she interviewed. This Airbnb ad indirectly calls out our president, Donald Trump, and telling people we can get over this if we stand together. It states that we accept you no matter where you are from, who you love, or who you worship, we ALL BELONG. Our president is trying to change our country’s values, but if we stick together we CAN get through this.

It has been 3 weeks since Trump has been Inaugurated, and people have been displaced and deported already. I witnessed this first hand when coming back from vacation. It hurt me to see a stranger coming back from a short stay out of the country, when clearly he had a life in America. When going through customs, this man was taken to a back room where he was questioned. I wonder if he was allowed back into the country or if he was sent back to where he came from, but it truly hurts thinking this is happening to people everywhere in this country. Agreeing with the second article, I believe that everyone should stick together and appreciate each other because we all belong here.


6 thoughts on “Come Together

  1. Tamara seems to share the same fear and powerlessness that many of our women in America are feeling. It is sad to see our country make so much progress as far as being anti-racist and an open minded and more or less accepting country and then erase all that progress in the blink of an eye. It is surprising how having a leader set on going back to our old ways of “white power”, if you will, can change so much and open up those who had finally learned to keep their racist comments to themselves. We are currently undergoing a world of rate and rank. By a world of rate I mean the rankings in our society are beginning to morph into a mold as follows; at the top, white men, white women, black men and then black(and other ethnicities) women. Having such a ranking can make one feel powerless and make it feel like an suppressed and dictator-like country. Agree or disagree with those rankings above but this is, in my opinion, what Trump’s ideal country would look like. Coming together and having peaceful marches, as the article mentioned seems like a good way to voice your opinions in a country that now, does not accept anything other than the status quo. This article makes me feel for those who feel powerless, and me being a woman myself share some of her same feelings.


  2. I never understood politics either and I never wanted to be apart of it, honestly, until Donald Trump became our president. It all felt like a sick joke until he was actually winning in the voting polls then it hit like a brick that he could actually be the guy who runs/speaks for this country and unfortunately now he is. I agree that we all need to stick together and do feel that the rallies and marches are bringing us together. It’s scary to think of what he could do or not do for this country.
    When I would hear my parents or older generations talk they would say things like, “with him as president they’re going to be doing hanger abortions in back alleys again” or “my son is gay, is he still going to be able to have all his rights when Trump becomes president?”. It’s sad that even they had no hope and for our future and believe(s) that he’s going to take us back to old times. Having him in office was/is literally terrifying me to think about and I keep trying to push it out of my mind because every time I think about it, it makes me a little bit upset that this is the man that is speaking for all of us. So far he’s done more bad than good for the country. I’ve read some things online about how after he became president, citizens thought it was ok to harass other citizens just because of the color of their skin. One article talked about how this woman was at a gas station and a truck just pulled up and simply told her they were going to kill her for being black. People are crazy (and he’s not helping by staying silent about these things) and I believe Trump needs to address these actions instead of worrying about things such as the immigration ban and ripping families apart.


  3. I agree with the sentiment expressed in the first article by Tamara. It’s crucial that the people who feel the negative effects of Trump’s campaign and presidency remember that they are not alone in the fight through adversity. It can be easy for someone to fall into the idea that they no longer have a voice. But, banding together with like minded people who are effected by the new president can cause an uproar, and based of the reports of protests nationwide, people are teaming together and expressing how Trump’s actions are despicable. I fully agree with all of the above sentiments that politics has never particularly been my cup of tea. But, having such a strong opposition toward Trump, I tried to get involved and understand as much as I could. The polarization that took place over the election caused a large amount of distress on the population as a whole. The expression of emotions and thoughts, whether it be privately or publicly, is important not only to the population, but to ourselves as individuals. Additionally, having big-name, popular services like AirBnb support the same ideologies is something to be celebrated. The company itself is based upon the idea of meeting new people, who come from countless different walks of life. The clients of AirBnb are quite literally accepting strangers into their homes, and to state that “all are welcome” is a huge step towards fighting the xenophobic, Islamophobic acts of the current president.


  4. I have never been involved in politics either but I feel like I, along with a lot of my friends, were forced into paying attention to politics when Trump was running for/elected as President. Right now I’m in between trying to stay politically informed and knowing what Trump is doing and trying to stay as far away as that as possible because of how appalled I am. The things he wants to do and the things he has done make me so angry and upset. I know I have to stay informed but part of me wants to stay far away because of how appalled I get when I hear about his ideas.


  5. I am in the same boat as you that I try to stay out of political discussions in general because of one reason or another. Recently I have been trying to get out of this rut because this is the America we live in and I want to have an informed opinion of it. I work with an open staff that often has discussions about he anxiety that Trumps America has induced. I have often been criticized by some of my peers that the election will not directly effect me because I have such privilege, but this does not mean I can be a bystander throughout this experience. By coming together with my friends, coworkers, and family I am able to make any slight difference I can to empower those around me. Inclusivity is more important in our country now more than ever and I need to do everything I can to stress this to others. Tamara, like so many other women and people I have met have inspired me even more to use my privilege to show inclusivity in America.


  6. The most talked about event of the year I feel was the nomination of Donald Trump as our President. I knew while searching through these websites that there would be much to say and find about this event in our nations history. With that being said, I feel that this event caused an uproar of emotions from a multitude of different groups of people. This hit home for me since I have a girl cousin who recently just got married to the love of her life who is also the same gender as her. They waited to get married in hopes that same sex marriage laws would be passed, and with the help of President Obama their dreams came true. When they found out Trump was nominated they were heart broken, since Trump is very conservative and anti same love. My cousin even said to me that it is sad because the very state in which she legally got married, could very soon become illegal for the very same thing to happen. Trump is doing a lot of things in his power to change the progress we have made as a nation towards same sex marriage and other rights. Over the past couple of years laws have been passed which legalized same sex marriage in many states. Same sex marriage is just one of the issues that people are in an uproar about since the nomination of Trump. Other issues including race and religion have also been seen on the news and have certain people worried and concerned. I agree with Sari in the fact that I had a couple of neighbors from back home that were scared of losing their jobs or even being deported just because of who they were and where they came from. With that being said, I agree with the fact that we have to come together as a nation and stand up for the things in which we have made so much progress towards.


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