Beyoncé’s Twins and You

In case you missed it, God has not in fact abandoned us, because Beyoncé is pregnant with twins. So naturally, for this assignment I had no other option but to see what the given websites had to say about this historical moment. Tragically, only one of the seven websites had an article directly discussing the announcement of the miracle and implications of not one but two more Carter children entering this world in a short time. The herald of the good news, Kara Brown of Jezebel, eloquently proclaimed in her article Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter Is Pregnant With Twins that Beyoncé has changed the face of social media with a forest nymph themed pregnancy announcement. The article keeps things short and sweet and let’s the reader really focus on the enamoring beauty of Beyoncé’s belly. On the other hand, there is Catherine Young’s Bitch Media article, The Symbolism of Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Photos, which discusses the astrological significance of the now famous photo. The article goes in depth, analyzing her wardrobe, the backdrop of the photo, and obviously, the timing of the pregnancy. While both of these articles have about as much substance as a communion wafer, they both retain a light hearted tone which is appropriate when discussing such a joyous occasion. Both of these articles would have pretty similar target audiences, being young women who care about pop culture. However, these two articles serve different purposes entirely, Kara Brown’s article is meant to simply inform the reader that God is kind and has given us a gift in the form of Beyoncé’s twins, while Catherine Young’s article explains the astrological significance and goes very in depth on the matter.


One thought on “Beyoncé’s Twins and You

  1. In my opinion, Beyoncé is the queen of public media relations. She has clearly worked incredibly hard to control her image and has done an amazing job. Her ability to evolve as both a public figure and an artist astounds me. I enjoy seeing people parse and discuss the imagery in any work produced by Beyoncé because there are so many cultural “Easter eggs” hidden throughout her work. Looking at these articles illustrates the notion that Beyoncé has a place in discussions surrounding both entertainment and academia. Her shoot was hella fierce but had so many social and political undertones. I think that is what makes her so enjoyable for many people.


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