Beyoncé’s gift

I read two articles, both speaking about Beyoncé’s recent pregnancy announcement. The first was “White Women: This Is Why Your Critiques Of Beyoncé Are Racist” by Lara Witt on The Establishment. Witt is a Desi-Kenyan feminist who expressed her frustration with white women critiquing the way Beyoncé announced her pregnancy, the fact that she made an announcement, and for slaying in the photoshoot. The other article was “Black Venus Rising: The Symbolism of Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Photos” by Catherine Young. Both authors are fans of Beyoncé, and women of color.

Both authors touched on the timing of the announcement and how Beyoncé announced her pregnancy close to the election of Donald Trump and on the first day of Black History Month, neither of which are believed to be coincidence. According to the authors, the announcement was timed this way to give hope to people of color in these times of turmoil and uncertainty.

Both pieces speak about how positive these images of Beyoncé are for addressing the stereotypes that surround black motherhood, and the negative connotations it often carries. They also both touched on how difficult black motherhood is, and the positive impact of a powerful, strong black mother such as Beyoncé has in breaking this stereotypes down.

In her article, Young looked at the announcement’s meaning and symbolism and saw the photoshoot as Beyoncé representing a black virgin Mary of sorts. With the colors of her bra and underwear matching the colors worn by Mary, the pregnant belly, and the flowers she is made into this black Madonna which Young says is a role that has, “been long inaccessible to black women due to the historical violence of stereotypes”.

Witt focused on how white women seem to be negative towards the announcement and how racist these comments were. Witt felt that the women’s racial privilege and their lack of awareness caused them to misunderstand the importance and cultural references within the photoshoot.

Young’s piece was well thought-out and a great analysis of the images and announcement and their impact people of color and her community of followers. Witt’s was a quicker and more causal read, but think both has a similar audience in that they were most likely targeted at women of color around 20-30 years of age. I enjoyed both and agreed with both perspectives, but overall I thought Young’s analysis was more thought provoking.


3 thoughts on “Beyoncé’s gift

  1. Honestly even though it’s been said that Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement was not a coincide with it being the first day of Black History Month and around the time President Trump was elected, I think that makes Beyonce out to be one of the strongest most powerful women out there. She came out with such a beautiful announcement welcoming her twins to the world, and what better way to lighten up our country with that. When I say lighten up our country, I mean that everyone is so focused on politics and what’s wrong with our country instead of focusing on the good. So I think with Beyonce announcing her pregnancy it may help people to realize the good we still have in America and even in the world.


    1. I also believe that her pregnancy announcement was a good distraction from all of the politics. It was nice to have attention on something other than the many notifications I get daily about President Trump. I also believe that even if the timing of the post was a coincidence or done on purpose, it was a very brave move and therefore I look up to her for standing strong and sharing such a beautiful moment with the world. I think everyone is so tense from everything that has happened, really since Trump started his campaign trail, to what is happening on a daily basis, that it’s hard to stop and take a breather and realize that we can still be positive throughout all this.


  2. Both of these articles do an amazing break down analysis. I really believe that Beyonce is a queen and I complete agree with both articles comments on how difficult black motherhood is, and how Beyonce has served as an amazing figure of power and overcoming, to break down stereotypes. I think the election probably has some people on edge, causing a more critical breakdown of Beyonce’s brith announcement. I also tend to think many people missed the mark on the symbolism she used in making her birth announcement, which would cause confusion. Beyonce stands as a figure for so many people, and I agree that this birth announcement starts to break down the walls of stereotypes.


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