Come Together and Support Each Other.

I was on the search for a topic that seemingly hadn’t been talked about a lot on mainstream media. When I came across Queering Islamophobia: The Homonationalism of the Muslim Ban  by Aqdas Aftab on I thought it was perfect! Finally, someone talking about that fact that part of a Muslim ban was to in part “protect the LGBTQ community” when Muslims are just as much a part of that community as anything one else. The article goes on to talk about homonationalism and how it pits the LGBTQ community against people of color and Muslim so now because of it there are whitewashed images of the LGBTQ community giving a false representation. This is causing extreme discomfort and making it harder for people whom are not white a struggle to express themselves. Homonationalism is supported strongly by Trump not in the sense that he intentionally promotes it but it seems to be his own view.

I also, found the article Resilience Alone Won’t Get us Through – We’ll Need to Open Up to Each other  by Sarah Kurchak on which was much different then the previous article. In this article a woman tells about his social fears and anxieties that she has for daily life. She tells a story of how her husband cut hit fingers eating a potato and has to go to the hospital, then when he came back to cleaned and ate the potato and said “I couldn’t let it win” the woman starts using the mentality in her daily life. Even though things go wrong and your day might suck you can’t let the bad win. Part of that is opening up and talking about the crappy things going on in your life right now.

These two articles are not very similar at all their writing, content, style, and backgrounds are very different in many ways. Article one is written by a guy Muslim male and is more of a rant and article two is written by a straight white woman and write of joining in together to help each other out. I personally enjoyed to first article much more it had more passion to it while the other was simple and sweet. The best audiences for article one would be people of the LGBTQ community but I personally think everyone should read it. As for article two the best audience would be for women.


5 thoughts on “Come Together and Support Each Other.

  1. I did not get the chance to read the Islamophobia article but I did by chance get to read The Establishment’s post on resilience. I very much enjoyed the message that was centered around the work. In fact, I have always tried to live by the mantra that “good always outweighs bad” and have tried like hell to remain confident that when things are otherwise Suck-tastic, that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps parallel to that ideal lies an idea of preservation. Such as in the example demonstrated by the gentleman and the potato. Others could have very well given up at even the slightest injury and dispose of the operation and it’s entirety. However, the gentleman simply overcomes his injury and persists against that trick potato. Spirit is quite an important factor when trying to conquer those bad times. It is really an agent that can make or break a situation similar to the gentleman and potato. The main message to be taken from the tale was one of unity with hints of preservation and optimism and I believe that’s what initially had drawn me to give it a look!


  2. Hello Ciera,

    I appreciate that you intentionally searched for an article that is not just an easy read—often times the hardest things to discuss are the issues that are most important. I can relate to Aftab and his concerns that have been raised due to the actions of POTUS. I look at what is happening with the Muslim ban and the white washing the LGBTQ and see history repeating itself. Often times, in order to keep minorities and suppressed groups weak, those in power attempt to put them against each other. Obviously, those of us in the LGBTQ community have strength in numbers. We grow stronger through accepting others and pushing for equality for members of all walks of life. At this time, it is easy to become vulnerable—to turn our backs on our brothers and sisters—yet I would hope anyone who thought of doing so would reconsider. So, really I do admire the message Aftab intended to promote. On a lighter note, Kurchak story reaches out to a broader crowd and has a lesson anyone could benefit from.


  3. I liked how you decided to read and write about two very different articles, each with a central message different from the other. Although I skimmed over both, I enjoyed the first article more. One quote that basically summarizes the article (sadly) is “it’s important to remember that even though Trump is himself transphobic and homophobic, he can get on the side of LGBTQ rights when it’s convenient,” (Aftab). As horrible as this may sound, it is evident. Trumps plan to fully kickstart the Muslim Ban is backed by his sudden empowerment of the LGBTQ community, only offering one minority support at the expensive of another. This is how a dictator divides a country, creating casts of people, deeming certain ones harmful to another group. By trying to divide two minorities, it is evident that he is trying to prevent an overall uprising. “Deploying the language of the rights of gender and sexual minorities has become a fashionable way to compel the left to ignore racialized violence committed by imperial states,” (Aftab).


  4. I read the article on the Muslim ban and I totally agree with your point. America has this idea that the lgbtq community just consists of only white males which is entirely false. Muslim people are just like any other people. They come straight, gay, trans, and any other identity. To ban a whole religion because of one particular act is also ubsurd. Killers come in all races and religions. Many people fail to realize that there are white muslims too. I think president trump stating that his ban to protect the lgbtq community was just a cover up to hide his true feelings towards muslims in general.


  5. I find that the article on Islamophobia is something that everyone should read and educate themselves on, especially with the Muslim ban and everything that is happening. I too agree that Muslims are a part of the community as much as anyone else and that they shouldn’t be feared or discriminated against. I also liked how you picked another article that was completely different from the first one, and liked that you talked about the potato analogy. This spoke to me because I believe that you have to persevere and rise above all the bad things that happen in order to continue through life. Furthermore I 100% agree with Amari Brooks-Coleman, in that Trump is using the lgbtq community to hide how he really feels about Muslims.


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