First Blog Posting Assignment Prompt

For the first blog post due Friday, February 10th at 11pm, Group 1 writers will compose a post that compares and contrasts two articles from two separate sites that make up the homework due Friday (links in the previous post).

Pick two websites (for example, Autostraddle and The Establishment) and choose a post/ essay/ article published on each. It can be any article you find and want to talk about. After reading the two articles, spend some time writing about these articles and how they represent the information/ ideas they include and the site as a whole. What similarities are there in content, style, author background, formatting, or anything else that looks relevant? Where do they differ? Why do you think they differ? Which do you like better? Why? Who do you think is the best audience for each post, and do they overlap at all? Spend some time thinking about these questions and write your answers in 250-400 words. Keep in mind that your post can be informal, but make sure you address two specific articles and discuss both.

Groups 2 and 3 will then comment on 2 posts written by Group 1 members. Use their analysis as a jumping off point to discuss your ideas about these websites, or bring up another article published by a site, or (respectfully, of course) disagree with your classmate’s conclusions and offer another take. Comments are due Monday, February 13th at 5pm.


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